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Fish Lice? Weird small bugs

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I'm back again with yet another weird infestation. 

I'm underfeeding with the said dosage of Bacter AE daily and putting in 2 small algae wafers a day in my tank. It's 60L with approx 7-8 adult RCS and 25-30 Teenage RCS and 3 ottos.

I've just added 15 Chilli Rasborras to try and help clean out any weird bugs but I seem to  be overrun. I do a 10-20L water change each week and thoroughly clean the substrate. 

This time however, I have what looks like small black lice... I've added a video so if anyone has any info please let me know. (The quality isn't great but you can just about make the movement of the bugs out) Unfortunately I had to upload to Dropbox so hopefully the link works: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ogw70el3aoegg3g/video-1510523984.mp4?dl=0



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Video quality is not clear enough, though it seems to me that your "bugs" are seed shrimps.

If they are, these are tiny crustaceans, harmless. They do thrive when water conditions are good if not excellent, and when there's too much food.

Some use pygmea cory to fight them, some just go with them, some completely redo their tank...

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Try again @Tyler345 because that's a terrible video.  Brace the camera on something solid.  Tape a magnifying glass to the front of your phone of you have to and move in closer.


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