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Nogi's Pending Retirement from SKF Aquatics

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The time has come for me to hang my net up and focus on other priorities in my life. Working in excess of 80hrs a week and running 3 online sites amongst other things has been leaving me with no time to spend with family or to simply physically and mentally recharge. Rather than leave this community with a forum owner that is always MIA, it’s probably a good time for me to retire and find someone to take up the baton to move things forward.

A big thank you all for making this such a great place for newcomers and experienced aquatic keepers. And huge thanks and shout out to all the current and previous moderators – @Squiggle@northboy@jayc@fishmosy , @revolutionhope@ineke@OzShrimp, @smicko@Loach , @buck and apologies if I missed someone.


Some anticipated Q&A

Who is taking over?

Couldn’t tell you as no decision has been made. If you know of anyone that might be interested, get them to get in touch with me.

What happens in the meantime?

Absolutely no change, the cogs keep turning and it’s business as usual. You probably just won’t see me post that much but I will be lurking. Anything urgent just tag me in a post or send me a PM.

When will the change happen?

When I find someone suitable. Might be a week, might be a year from now.

What about my shrimp?

I shut my tanks down back in Christmas to free up some time so no issues there. lol

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Sorry to hear the news. But I know what you mean about working overtime. I have been super busy at work myself.

Hope you get some R&R and time with family. Recharge those batteries Nogi.

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Sorry to hear this @NoGi. You have made amazing improvements to this site and kept a fantastic resource available to all of us shrimp keepers, a Massive Thanks for keeping it running and developing.

I can appreciate the need for time for other parts of life, I hope you get time soon to spend with the family and to recharge those batteries.

Hopefully one of the current members is looking to take on a new challenge. :music:  Such a great site that has taught so many of us how to keep these little critters thriving.

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    • incomplet
      Hey everyone from SKF,  I'm a long time lurker; but recently have gotten back into the shrimp keeping hobby in the past 12 months. I'm after any constructive advice to help guide me in the right direction. I've kept some blue bolts in a 1 foot cube which has been somewhat successful; however due to an ongoing infestation of numerous hitch-hikers. I've decided to start again. There are some amphipods which are now breeding quite rapidly. Some worms which are swimming around in the aquarium, planaria which i've tried to keep at bay with No Planaria (the product doesn't work after only been used once or twice in 6 months, worked wonders the first time around). I'm planning to fish out the blue bolts and acclimatize them into a bigger tank whilst i restart the tank. I'm after any advice to see what is the best way to restart; my plans so far are as listed. 1) Remove Blue bolts and place in another tank 2) Siphon out all the gravel and bin it 3) Toss the media in the HOB; leave sponge filter in aquarium 4) Run the filter system for 1 week with a mix of bleach and water to fully rid of all the problems 5) Drain the tank and then place some new ADA soil into the base of the aquarium 6) Fill the tank with RO and seachem prime for another week 7) Empty tank and fill with RO remineralised with Salty Shrimp, new media in the HOB, sponge filter to remain the same. 8 ) undertake a 4-6 week fishless cycle   9) Reintroduce 20% of the BB colony; wait 2 weeks 10) If all is well reintroduce the other 80% after. Thinking it will take 6-8 weeks before i can start again. Thoughts?
    • incomplet
      I have used this product for the past 2 months with some good results with my blue bolts, there has been higher success rate with the shrimplets and in my opinion the survival rates are higher than they were previously. I've put in an order for some more to keep me going; i was first introduced to the product in an interview i read with Glenn Ng and decided to try the product myself. I use the recommended dosage once a day might skip a few days here and there, stronger hues in the blue from my juvenile BB's.  
    • DEL 707
      I managed to buy some kind of filter replacement kit at my LFS. Handy thing was that it come with a grill, so I just cut it to shape and shoved it in. Love the lil guys. Was thinking of giving it another week, then maybe ordering some cheery and amano shrimp from Pro-Shrimp. None of my LFS sell amano unfortunately.
    • Steensj2004
      Hmmmm, I might not risk it until the population explodes a bit more
    • sdlTBfanUK
      There is always a risk with fish but most think they are 90% safe with Pygmy Cory and will just eat the odd baby shrimp accidentally!  Simon
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