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Nogi's Pending Retirement from SKF Aquatics

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The time has come for me to hang my net up and focus on other priorities in my life. Working in excess of 80hrs a week and running 3 online sites amongst other things has been leaving me with no time to spend with family or to simply physically and mentally recharge. Rather than leave this community with a forum owner that is always MIA, it’s probably a good time for me to retire and find someone to take up the baton to move things forward.

A big thank you all for making this such a great place for newcomers and experienced aquatic keepers. And huge thanks and shout out to all the current and previous moderators – @Squiggle@northboy@jayc@fishmosy , @revolutionhope@ineke@OzShrimp, @smicko@Loach , @buck and apologies if I missed someone.


Some anticipated Q&A

Who is taking over?

Couldn’t tell you as no decision has been made. If you know of anyone that might be interested, get them to get in touch with me.

What happens in the meantime?

Absolutely no change, the cogs keep turning and it’s business as usual. You probably just won’t see me post that much but I will be lurking. Anything urgent just tag me in a post or send me a PM.

When will the change happen?

When I find someone suitable. Might be a week, might be a year from now.

What about my shrimp?

I shut my tanks down back in Christmas to free up some time so no issues there. lol

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Sorry to hear the news. But I know what you mean about working overtime. I have been super busy at work myself.

Hope you get some R&R and time with family. Recharge those batteries Nogi.

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Sorry to hear this @NoGi. You have made amazing improvements to this site and kept a fantastic resource available to all of us shrimp keepers, a Massive Thanks for keeping it running and developing.

I can appreciate the need for time for other parts of life, I hope you get time soon to spend with the family and to recharge those batteries.

Hopefully one of the current members is looking to take on a new challenge. :music:  Such a great site that has taught so many of us how to keep these little critters thriving.

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    • Zoidburg
      I recently made the switch from sand and SS GH/KH to SL-Aqua substrate and GH only minerals (from same company - liquid form). When I switched everything over, I didn't even acclimate the shrimp. Knock on wood, I haven't seen a loss yet! It's only been a few days. Everything in the tank is the same except for the substrate and water. Also cleaned the sides and front of tank while I had it taken down.   It's a 10g tank, so I remineralized two 5g buckets of water, one of which I slightly over-remineralized. Figured it would work it out as I had tossed in some water that wasn't remineralized to the right parameters just to keep the plants in there wet. One bucket had been sitting around for a while with just RO water and the other only a few days before adding minerals. After everything has settled, it all worked out to about 7.5/8 GH which is about what I was aiming for.   I can't say I'll continue getting the liquid remineralizer right now, but we'll see with how this one does. Powders will always be more bang for your buck with how much water you can remineralize with it, but the liquids are supposed to contain more nutrients in them that are beneficial for shrimp.    Tank has Caridina (YKK and ???) and Neocaridina (Bloody Mary) in it.
    • Zoidburg
      Coming from a pet bird keeping hobby, I can easily back up what jayc said about imports.... not only can you not import animals, you can't export them either. The *ONLY* exception may come between New Zealand and Australia. Some animals can be moved between those two countries. Otherwise though, import and exportation for both countries is banned. I live in the USA.
    • ShrimpNewb
      Thanks, Simon.  I am a shrimpnewb after all.  My tank has pretty much zero evaporation - it's weird, but it seems to have something to do with not running a heater and the water temperature being the same as the room.  I'm just planning to switch over to the shrimp focused mineralizer with water changes over time.  I'll update the TDS differences I assume will be there.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      This has got rather long and involved, interesting though! Just wanted to remind you that topping up tanks from evaporation will still need pure RO water (not mineralised) though so you will need to keep some Pure RO water aside for that. Simon
    • ShrimpNewb
      Oh, yes.  Live and learn.  This is, as my wife keeps telling me, a science project.