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Callogobius hasseltii aka Hasselt's goby


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Hi all,

the brakish spot wher I collect nerites is really a nice one: not only it's a true mine for yellow, olive and black flat nerites, not only I can find nice kind of tiger shrimps, very hardy, but I can also find some nice gobbies.

Last week-end, I caught this one for my daughter:


On another place, a fellow from Arizona identified it as Callogobius hasseltii  aka Hasselt's goby, which can be found in OZ land too.

Anybody is breeding some of them? Anything special about the care?

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Caught in brackish water, and installed it in a full freshwater tank with no problem.

The little guy is less shy now and is showing more and more. It doesn't really swim, it rather "flies" in the tank. I'd post a video if I can catch it when it does.

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A great little fish, his swimming reminds me of either a person doing breast stroke or a frog swimming, and then he glides like a hand glider. Very lucky to be able to get a nice goby that can tolerate fresh water.

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