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Are these sea rocks safe for a freshwater shrimp tank

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Hello i'm currently on vacation at the sea. 

I have 2 tanks currently devoted to snowball shrimp and blue dreams. I would like to start setting up my 100L tank (freshwater) for another kind of shrimps, so i found these pretty cool looking rocks next to the sea water. I know i still have to clean them and test with vinegar (which vinegar? Apple or alcohol?)  but could anyone possibly tell me if any of these are good or not good to use just by looking at them... 











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Difficult to tell just by looking at them. 

Some of them look like limestone which is not good for shrimp tanks.

Test with White vinegar.

If you have a Nitrate test kit, use reagent #1 to test rocks. It's an acid and is strong then vinegar.

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those will level up ur gh and kh so its not recomended

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    • sdlTBfanUK
      That's ok then, I thought you must have lost a lot or something! The dwarf puffers are interesting but you can't even keep snails with them as they eat anything that moves? The dwarf rasboras like similar conditions to TB shrimp. I will see what happens with next weeks delivery of shrimps first and decide from there? In theory I could keep both as it is a heavily planted tank so some baby shrimp should survive - if I even get any that is? One step at a time! Simon
    • kms
      I'm ok, I'm just saying in advance.😂
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I haven't had a problem using the chi ebi WHEN I had baby shrimps but not got back to that stage yet (I am still using it a bit even with no  babbies) as we are approaching the end of winter! I'm not sure how you get clumps of it if it's a powder, I use a tooth pick (or similar) dipped about 5mm into tank water, quickly dip it into the powder, knock excess off and then swirl it round the tank. Now I do have assassin snails in the tanks as well so they may get any bits that the shrimp don't! I haven't used the glasgarten myself, though I had it on my 'to try' list, but as long as you don't use too much! It is more difficult though the larger the tank, as the shrimplets need to find the food and don't move far when very young. I wanted to try bee pollen but haven't yet got back to that point yet and I haven't found it easy to get here? I would imagine the spiulina would be fine, I use that to feed daphnia when I have them, but again I use the same way of adding it to the tank. There may be no need for additional food though if you have plenty of biofilm as that must be what they naturally eat so lots of leaves are a good platform for that and you are already using the bacter ae! Simon
    • DreamBlueVelvet
      Haha thanks, I actually do it as a hobby so I have some pretty expensive equipment. Yes, that’s what I was thinking, maybe because it’s pink that it’s so noticeable
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Wow, you should be a professional photographer??? That all looks good to me and is the hair I mentioned, maybe they sieve stuff through those hairs? Simon
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