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    • sdlTBfanUK
      I may have missed something but aren't the parameters you quoted for Bee shrimp, but these are cherry shrimp??? Hopefully with only 2 shrimps they will survive the cycle as 2 won't make a lot of ammonia! You should try and cool the tank a bit as JayC states, you are pretty close to the limit. With Cherry shrimp you can use dechlorinated tap water, I do. The IDEAL parameters for cherry shrimp are, PH 6.5 - 7.5 TDS 150 - 250 GH 6 - 8 KH 2 - 4 Don't get too fixated if one isn't exactly in this range (ie your PH should be fine, same as mine) or where you want it, as cherry shrimp are fairly adaptable, but if you get measurements we can check those for you and let you know whether any action is required? Mine live with nitrates of 25-50 for instance, and have done for years - I am not saying they should, just that they can live outside perfect parameters. Again, if you are using tap water it is unlikely ALL the parameters are good but the thing to do is not try and get EVERY one right, especially with tap water, and if you do want to change something do it VERY slowly! Tap water is also unreliable, every time I test mine it is different? The only way around this is to use RO water and shrimp mineraliser, but I have kept mine in tap water for 5+ years ith never a problem so unless the tap water is way off I would carry on with the tap water. If you let us know the parameters we can check if it is likely to work longer term? Welcome to shrimp keeping and this forum! Simon 
    • jayc
      And Crabby covered all your additional questions here.  Great tag team!👍
    • Crabby
      No you shouldn’t, this is what is naturally good for the tank, not a chemical. Yes, mix beforehand then add. Do this weekly if possible. And if you can, purchase the api GH/KH test kit, and/or a tds pen.    Sorry I didn’t see that you had posted the same message on two different posts, jayc covered mostly the same stuff as I did. Except better of course 😉
    • Crabby
      Hey Brando, How long has the tank been set up? You said you have had shrimp for 2 days, dosed fluval cycle 3 days before that... Sometimes people can get away with using those products for fish, but it’s not good for shrimp. They don’t produce much ammonia, but they like an ‘aged’ tank. This means it has lots of tiny little creatures, absolutely microscopic, that the shrimp can eat. Along with those an aged tank will have lots of ‘biofilm’ which is what it sounds like - a biological film, and shrimp love to eat it! A shrimp’s diet consist primarily of these micro fauna, biofilm and algaes. And a 5 day old tank will barely have any of those. Since you have already got shrimp in it though, I’ll give you advice for what to do now. If the shrimp have no fishy friends they will frolick around, swimming and diving as you have noticed. This is good, it means they feel safe.  Your parameters are okay for Bloody Mary shrimp, not perfect but alright. Can you test tds or KH and Gh? Your ammonia and nitrate are a bit high, should always be 0. This is another thing that would be different if you had waited properly. In terms of ph you may want to reduce that. Temp is fine, maybe a little high, aim for mid 70s if using a heater. Can we see a photo of the tank? Thanks for joining the forum Brando, looking forward to seeing your tank improve and mature.    post note: sorry if I came off as a little abrasive, that wasn’t intended. Just trying to be clear.
    • Brando
      Hi group, i am a new shrimp keeper and have had 2 Bloody Mary shrimp for 2 days now.    I used Fluval Cycle(bio booster) for the first 3 days because that’s what is set to do on the bottle. This was used before I got the shrimp. my Temperature is 82, ph is 7.6, ammonia is 0-.25ppm , nitrite 0, nitrate 10-20ppm.  Are these levels fine? I am new to hobby!    my shrimp randomly swim up to the top and along the glass then dive down to rest/eat. Is this a bad sign they are stressed?   please leave any tips or input!  
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