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What Fish Can I Keep With My Shrimp?


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I rescently got my first few Shrimp ever. I put them in a new tank with two Common Bristlenose Catfish. I have three Nija/Chameleon Shrimp and four Red Cherry Shrimp. And I was wondering what fish would be the best type of fish to keep with them. I want I nice school of fish to swim around in my tank, but I also want them to be friendly enough not to have a go at the Shrimp. Although I know all fish will want to or try to eat the shrimp, I would just like a fish that schools, remains ralitivly small and has a low chance of going for my shrimp.

Also, I was wondering what the shrimp eat, and how often I should feed them. I have read a lot on this but it all varies. I have given them spinach that has been put in hot water for one minute then cooled under some cold water, but the don't seem to be touching it. And once I do find the right food, should I feed them once ever two day, or once every week. The other thing is, will the eat the algi pellets that I feed to the Bristlenose Catfish?

Thanks in advanced! -Shr1mpie

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Hi @Shr1mpie. @jayc answered this very well here :

Personally I recommend keeping 'species only tanks' , Bristlenose will destroy your shrimp so definitely keep them separate.
As for feeding, Shrimp are scavengers they will normally graze on biofilm in established tanks. It's very important to give them a varied diet. I have found some of my shrimp love certain foods while others wont touch it. Giving them blanched veggies is a good idea, Apart from veggies I feed my shrimp a rotating diet of the following :





@newbreed is a respected member of our community and is very reliable and professional in delivering these products.
He is also able to provide info and help with his products as well as providing outstanding customer service.

Hope this helps !





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Personally I have never had an issue with keeping Bristlenoses with shrimp, but there maybe issues with Peppermints as I believe they like a more protein diet.

If the chameleon shrimp are Caridina sp WA 4 you might find them a tad delicate compared with hardier cherry shrimp. I keep my chameleon shrimp (and other small natives separate to my cherry shrimp), for my native shrimp tank I always pre-age the new water going into their tank for water changes, where as the cherry shrimp seem to thrive on just using fresh treated tap water.

As for fish I have had no issues with keeping Spotted Blue Eyes with my small native shrimp and my black cherry shrimp are breeding well in a tank with Pacific Blue Eyes and even whiptail catfish.

In another tank I have Khuli loaches and Dwarf Chain loaches both of which seem to leave the shrimp alone since the tank is always teeming with shrimp and the BN's are always breeding and having fry in the tank. There are also guppys in this tank which also seem to leave the shrimp alone.

Most Rainbow fish are going to be a big NO, since most get big and so far my monster ones have eaten every single cull cherry shrimp that has ever entered their tank. Gudgeons are also another no go with shrimp. Threadfin rainbows however should be ok to keep with shrimp since the threadfins have tiny mouths.

I have personally seen Siamese Fighters go either way with shrimp, either hunt every single one and eat them or totally ignore them. And even tiny sparkling gouramis I have seen tear shrimp apart.

While there are not many shrimp or fish in the tank the shrimp will probably be fine with whatever the BN's don't eat. And yes the shrimp will come out and eat the catfish pellets. My shrimp get a mix of whatever the fish are eating from tropical flakes through to different sinking wafers and pellets designed for catfish and shrimp, they also get Indian Almond Leaves and mulberry leaves and Nori sheets.

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@Baccus @Jarad Thanks everyone, that was some really helpful information, exactly what I needed. As for keeping my Bristlenose seperate, I have read in many places that they are fine to keep together, in fact the breeder I got my Shrimp is the same breeder I got my Bristlenose, and he kept them together. But I will still watch them, and see how they do.

I am thinking of getting another tank just for breeding my cherry shrimp. And my main tank will just be for the fact of keeping fish. Although I am goning to wait for my Shrimp to get bigger before getting fish, as the are still very little.

Thanks again! -Sh1mpie

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    • herrwibi
      I've attached a small bit to the rock as the tank is currently cycling that had the crystal reds in it . I've always been torn between blue bolts and shadow pandas but blue bolts always wins. I never thought about taking some from my other tank and using them a tester but that is a good plan, saves me getting some blue bolts and then all of a sudden i have a big issue again. Hopefully not . That's why i am glad i have the bigger tank and also any of the lighter blue bolts can go into the bigger tank for culling. I've attached a few more favourite. My favourite shrimp which i think this is correct is an extreme bkk . I've also got a photo of one of my many red wines.  https://ibb.co/BVhDMMK https://ibb.co/42Q3ZYc https://ibb.co/gTD403T
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      It may be worth holding off on the subwassertang as when you set up the new tank you can then use it in there? I think I could see a few red wine, if they aren't full size, could just have been the light though! There are 3 half size white shrimp with a red head between the large crs in the third photo of the sponge (about half way down), they are beautiful also .They may just be crs but the photo looks redder than those, but may again just be the light! My overall favourites are blue bolts also. I would use some of the crs though for about 3 months as a tester before getting blue bolts for the re-setup tank, you can then remove the crs. You have lots of the crs and you know they are healthy so it makes sense to use them (free) to 'test' that all is ok first, before getting the blue bolts! It will help mentally also, just think how devastated you would be if for some reason the blue bolts died because there is a problem (you won't know with them whether it was the shrimp or the setup), whereas you would still be upset with the crs dying but not as much - they were free and you have plenty of others in the other tank. If you want blue bolts only in the tank you may well get offspring of other colour/pattern depending on the genes of the parents, but then they can be moved to the other tank. ie Blue bolt mother and blue bolt father may create something not blue bolt, depending on the genes etc. 
    • herrwibi
      Thank you, i enjoy a simple scape although i really need to try and take both sections of subwassertang out for a trim. They have just gone mad.  Things are doing great in this tank, i love my red wines as well bit couldn't find any at the time of taking a photo.  There is but i'm not sure they would breed true, i suppose it could be a project for me to breed them true but wouldn't know where to start. My other project i was thinking is just blue bolts in that tank , i love the colour.  I also suffer from slow breeding in winter although i've never had so much success with my taiwans/mischling that i hope it continues. 
    • sdlTBfanUK
      That is a fabulous tank, is it built into a wall or partition. Love the simplicity of the layout, you can see lots of shrimp - I tend to overcrowd mine with plants so don't get to see so many shrimp. Great to hear that this tank is doing well and you have quite a few shrimp in there! Especially like the panda and blue bolt in the photos. As you have so many crs in this tank you shouldn't need to buy any more for your reset tank so that will be great and you know the shrimp are good quality and healthy, and that will make a bit of room in this tank for the next generation at the same time? You may experience the slowing down or stopping breeding for winter, though not everyone has that? Thanks for the photos!
    • herrwibi
      Hope these linke are OK.  Files are too big to upload through the website . https://ibb.co/n3NBkFr https://ibb.co/QKk4Bn0 https://ibb.co/GtpRhXf https://ibb.co/Xs0HKmH https://ibb.co/CtRX2X3
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