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23L shrimp tank


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Hi everyone, so excited to finally join an Australian forum we're everyone understands how expensive everything is lol. anyways after a failed attempt at a 2 gallon shrimp tank I decided to go with a 6 gallon which I plan on aquascaping.


Aquaone horizon 40 tank, 40x23x25cm tank.

Aquaone clear 100 hang on back filter

Desk lamp with 6000k 7w led bulb


Flourite black sand

Black cheap aquarium gravel from Lfs to get height in slopes as $60 for a 7kg back of glorified dirt is expensive.


Not sure will be going to a petabrn tomorrow about an hour away open to suggestions ( my lfs don't sell plants or any aquascaping material)


Not sure but currently have access to ( from other tanks)

Rotalia roundifilia

Narrow leaf ludiwigia


A couple blyxa plants

Random medium sized crypt

Limnophila Aromatica

Crickly leaf java fern

Small Anubis ( leaves range from 10c to 50c size on the plant)

Would love everyone's suggestions on this tank, it will be a slow build as due to Christmas my Flourite won't get here until the new year ( hoping for the 2nd or 3rd but who knows with Aus post)


Currently growing out some plants in the tank

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Also a black or frosted background ?

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Got some seiryu stone and goldenvone today from pet barn. I have done a few different layouts. Any opinions would be awesome

Scape 1

Scape 2

Scape 3 - possible my favourite so far, might cut up another piece of driftwood and use it as roots coming out of the rocks.

Let me know what you guys like/recommend.

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