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    • revolutionhope
      By revolutionhope
      Hey SKF,
      I've recently started adding 2ppm of nitrates to my weekly/fortnightly waterchanges as my tank constantly had zero nitrates and my plants were looking hungry. The product I use is cal aqua labs green.
      I'd like to know what people's experiences or opinions are on whether small amounts of fertiliser can be added to shrimp tanks WITHOUT dripping it in slowly (as in a typical waterchange which is what I'm currently doing)
      In other words; if I directly dose the 1 or 2 ppm worth of nitrates to my aquarium without slowly dripping it into the tank would it have any negative impact on the health and/or breeding of crystal or tiger shrimps?
      love n peace
    • larrymull
      By larrymull
      Hi Guys,
      My nitrates continue to read above 20, sometimes 40 and I have no idea how to keep them down. All other parameters are fine ph 6.2, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 2kh, 4gh, 195 TDS (it has crept up a bit too much for my liking).
      Anyway some simple things for you to know is that my tank has a layer of frogbit, I do not overfeed (feed every 2nd or 3rd day), weekly 10% water changes using RO water, I also have boss mineral balls, IAL leaf, Benibachi zero, golden vine with xmas moss, 1 aqua clear hob filter and a biospon 56l dual sponge. 
      I do not want to go down the path of using peat moss, I just want to be able to control the nitrates naturally. 
      I would appreciate any thoughts - my plan of attack this weekend is to do at least a 25% water change (this takes forever to do when you are dripping the RO water back in to the tank) and was going to clean the sponge in the HOB filter.

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    • Lizzy
      Ironically, the babies don't seem to hang out on the back glass much. Its mostly the adults. The very new babies seem to LOVE the mini bolbitis. That's where I see most of them until they're big enough and start exploring the rest of the tank. I don't really care about it being ugly haha. I have the 30C to satisfy my need for a "nice" aquascape. Cheers jayc. I'll definitely keep you in mind when I decide to reduce shrimp numbers! I'll just wait a bit to see what colours and patterns I end up with. Just noticed you're in Sydney. I wonder if there are many other NSW CRS keepers on this forum?
    • Crabclaw
      It was a ‘black diamond quartz gravel’ from someone on gumtree, that turned grey... eww. I have about 4cm of it in the bottom of my 110 L. Forgot to mention, I’m fine to switch to sand or soil if u think that would be better. (Maybe from my bn’s point of view). I’ll check those two out. Thanks jayc!
    • Photo fish
      I have figured out how to use the conversion chart. It gives the mg level once you put your Ca and gh levels in. I was just curious on what a good mg level would be if I'm trying to achieve a 4 : 1 ca to mg level.  Also would like to know if I can use micromix trace elements. It only give dose for planted tanks. Dose is .5 ml to 10 gallons 3 times a week then 50% water change. I only make about a 25% change weekly. It shows a .1% copper content is it safe and if so how often would you recommend adding it to the aquarium.  Thanks for any help. Dave B. 
    • jayc
      What sort of gravel do you have now?   What about 'Pisces Black diamond gravel'? I hear they are good.  Also 'AquaLava by Oliver Knott' should be inert since it's scoria rocks.
    • Matuva
      Thanks 😉 Yup, they were caught in a brackish spot, but they do afford fresh water with no problems.
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