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My shrimp story and line breeding question?

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Hi peoples,

So I haven't really had intentions of breeding shrimp at all until the last couple of months. I started off with a 1ft fish tank and some donated red cherries. Anyway they bred great guns all on there own and produced what I now know to be high quality full dark red cherries. I had a good 30-40 of them ranging from 2mm to 15+mm.

After much nagging I managed to persuade the missus to allow me another tank (6 tanks totalling 900L in a 2 bedroom unit :/ lol) this tank is a 1x1x2. So after a week i'd lost 3-4 shrimp which i deemed acceptable changing to a new tank. As it got hotter and hotter I started losing 2-3 a week, every week. At the lowest point I was left with 6 males. Tank temp sits steady at 30 degrees almost all the time. I know this is deemed hot for shrimp but they are thriving in it now.

Long story short the missus suggested a bubbler as it works for the fish in hot temps to cool via evaporation and circulate the water more regularly. Bubbler installed and no more shrimp died. I was left with a tank of bachelors until I was going through my Guppy/Platy pond and found a nice red berried female. Then remembered I put siphoned water from the old shrimp tank in the pond incase of sucked up shrimplets. Needless to say they've gone crazy and I now have a steady supply. I caught 6-7 nice big females and 3 weeks later my 1x1x2 is back to breeding with roughly 20-30 shrimp.

Now to my question? After losing all my high quality females the offspring are coming out rather washed out. Now do I remove the clear females? The clearest males? or both? To get a more stronger red?



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G'day Zac...that's great, that you've managed to sort it out without too much fuss/troubles. I would personally remove the lower quality shrimps, as selective breeding, and attaining the best possible quality is part of the fun on this great hobby.

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    • jayc
      The Brita filters "reduce" but doesn't completely remove chlorine, and other minerals.  Its okay for drinking but still lacking for aquariums.  multi stage cartridge undersink filters are also designed for human consumption, and one of the stages is to add alkalinity back into the water, since drinking water below pH 7.0 will be bad for your teeth. You want to look for an RO filter that gives you the option of turning on/off this alkalinity stage if you want a system that is both for an aquarium and for human consumption. Check out Filters System Australia https://www.filtersystemsaustralia.com.au/reverse-osmosis-water-filter/aquarium-systems.html. Ring them and talk to them if you can't find exactly what you want. They are very helpful.
    • andrew.huang083
      Hey guys, ive being think about this for a while, but BICON makes it seem so difficult and confusing to import freshwater plants from other countries into Australia. Has anyone done this before and know all the nooks and crannies? Im also not too sure about import permit costs, and the inspections and how they work. Could anyone show me a simple step by step guide to importing aquatic plants? thanks 
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I tried Brita JUG (and still  have it) but it didn't work for the shrimp (It did reduce TDS but not much), though I was keeping Caridina shrimp. I would say don't bother wasting tme with other makes as you don't really know what they remove so just get the zerowater and you know it produces RO equivalent water and removes probably ALL things bad for shrimps. It is meant for human consumption but I am not convinced such pure water is ideal for humans except for hydration during excercise maybe?? As you plan to keep cherry shrimp you could try it but I would try just a few shrimp in a bowl for a few days to a week first. If the brita doesn't filter out something like copper (? just an example) or other toxic to shrimp things then you don't want to have contaminated the soil/tank etc. It may even be a better idea to get both, the brita for personal use and the zerowater just for the tank, https://www.amazon.com.au/ZeroWater-10-Cup-Pitcher-Filtration-System/dp/B0073PZ6O0 I just found this when I did a search for 'zerowater australia' that will show you the difference, just look at the 'which water filter is best?' page: https://www.yourbestdigs.com/reviews/zerowater-vs-brita/#which-is-best  Simon
    • Subtlefly
      So you can do it just through fine filtration? How would zero water co compare to something like this or even multi stage cartridge undersink filter you think? https://www.bunnings.com.au/brita-filtered-water-tap_p5090423 I am trying to figure out what is best for human drinking as well as fishtank but maybe this is two different things? thanks for your wisdom, have a great day sub  
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I use tap water through this jug and it produces the same as RO water, TDS 000 hence the name They are readily obtainable around the world (amazon, ebay and some countries UK/USA in shops) and cheap enough. They are slow to filter though so probably not practical for a very large tank. You could start with one though and if everything  goes to plan with the tank then get a full RO down the line. Each filter does about 100L of MY water. https://zerowater.co.uk/?variant=48184661572 You will need to re-mieralise the water with GH/KH+ as you would with RO water! Simon
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