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Adding Wisteria leaves to my shrimp tank?

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My shrimp are regularly molting.  I've been leaving the casings in the tank for a couple of days before removing them.  Also, noticed the babies and some very small oblong-shaped creatures feeding on dead Wisteria leaves.  I've been removing the leaves after they're practically transparent from being fed on.  Is this a good procedure or should I immediately remove any leaf detritus and molts from such a small tank, roughly 1-1/2 gallons. 

Would it be beneficial to the shrimp to add Wisteria leaves from my betta tank that have blue-green algae growing on them?  It seems to be like salad to them.


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On 02/12/2016 at 1:03 PM, travellife said:

should I immediately remove any leaf detritus and molts from such a small tank, roughly 1-1/2 gallons. 

Would it be beneficial to the shrimp to add Wisteria leaves from my betta tank that have blue-green algae growing on them?

The moults you can leave in the tank. It's another source of calcium for the shrimp.

Leaf detritus is personal preference. So that is up to you.


But adding wisteria leaves that have blue green algae on them is a big NO !

Don't do it.

Shrimp don't eat BGA, as it's not really algae. And once you introduce it to a tank, it will be very difficult to get rid of.

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Hi jayc -

Thank you for letting me know about the BGA.  I hope I've properly i.d.'d the algae on the Wisteria in the betta tank as BGA.  I've attached a photo just in case it isn't.

Do shrimp ever graze on their casings or is it just the fact the casing is in the water column that adds to the calcium in the tank?  I imagine if I leave the casing it will eventually disintegrate but isn't there a concern with it causing ammonia buildup?


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18 hours ago, travellife said:

I've attached a photo just in case it isn't.

Yep, that is BGA. Get rid of it as much as you can from the wisteria by removing the plant and rubbing it gently in a sink under running water.


18 hours ago, travellife said:

Do shrimp ever graze on their casings

Yes they do, it will eat it. No concern with ammonia.

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Thank you for your guidance with the BGA, I'm sure glad I didn't add those leaves to the shrimp vase.  I'll remove the BGA covered leaves from my Betta's tank.  I just started getting a patch of it on the gravel in my 3-1/2 year old Fluval Spec V aquarium.  I need to read up on what causes it to grow, I've never encountered it before.  Thinking it could be light related cause.  I just supplemented the stock light in the Fluval with a Chihiros Series A LED, very bright even on low settings.  I have a small pinpoint LED light directed at the Wisteria in the betta's tank.

I don't see the molting anymore today and I notice the babies congregated on the substrate grazing.  They sure get around, up and down in the vase, kinda cute they way they move in packs.  The shrimp glass vase is pretty thick, 1/4", makes it hard to shoot thru with a handheld point and shoot so please excuse the fuzzy photos.



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You're welcome, and those are pretty good pictures considering what you have to work with.

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