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Wannbe newbie in search of info


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I have never kept Killifish before, but they're high on my list of what fish to get next.  Some questions -

How well (on average) will they do in 3ft community tank or can they be kept more or less safely with the prolific RCS?  I will almost definitely want to try to breed them at some point - is a separate tank/temporary spawning location necessary?  How difficult/finicky is the egg care/process?

Are there preferred beginner species? 

I've heard they jump - do I absolutely need to cover my tanks?  Or is a water level of 3" below the top enough?

Is there a good source of fish/eggs?  I check my best very local shop and they didn't have any.

I know there's info on the web - what I was looking for was personal experience tips and views.  Like - "be ready to devote at least 10 mins a day every day for a month" for breeding etc.

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I can answer these questions for you....

they fit in really well with a community tank. They can tolerate a wide range of parameters. But some killis have relatively large mouths compared to other fish, so keeping them with shrimp is not advised.

Breeding is super easy. Killis are prolific breeders. I just place a suitable pair into a breeder box with a spawn mop (made out of knitting wool), and feed lots of food-live or frozen. They will do the rest. Adult killis are not fussy eaters.

Some species are easier to care for the eggs than other species. Beginners should avoid the peat spawners. Non peat spawners eggs can be left in water, and the egg will hatch in 2-3 weeks. I remove the mop and place it in an ice cream tub.

Care for fry is like any other egg layer. Baby brine shrimp, vinegar eels, micro worms are all suitable. They will readily take powdered fish food when they are bigger.

Beginner species would be any killi that is  non annuals, non peat spawners.

Fundulopanchax gardneri Nsukka, and  Aphyosemion bitaeniatum are two species I have and are considered easy to keep. Check out some pics in the killis section of SKF.

i have just spawned a batch of fry for both, and I'm now over stocked.

I'm more than happy to sell you a few pairs to you, just send me a PM.

I want so many other killi species, but just don't have tanks for them. 



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Just keep in mind that a killi in a bad mood can destroy fish much larger :)

Killi fish of Aphyosemion genus are my pick of the bunch.

No other reason than I like floating plant tanks.

And they are easy.... and its that 1 or 2 fry a day sort of experience. Its the facebook version of breeding.

Selling part aint as enjoyable tho.

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So i assume they dont do so well with endlers and endler fry?


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@inkevnito sorry about the late reply.

There are a bunch of species that endlers would be fine with, like the Chromaphyosemion group which includes biateniatum, poliaki, volcanum etc.

Very young endler fry might be eaten though.



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