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New light on tank


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I put a new LED Plant Glo light on my native tank and decided to take some pictures of the native shrimp under it. The result I think is quite impressive and really seems to show up their colouration and delicate patterning. The spotted blue eyes also look AMAZING and are showing more yellow on their bodies. Sadly for now I don't have any decent pictures of them since as soon as they see movement or the camera trying to zoom in on them they hightail it back into the depths of the weed jungle.

So for now heres some of the shrimp

Not sure if this girl is a Blackmore river


Pretty sure this is a Blackmore River Shrimp



Could be a young DAS or another Blackmore


Sorry for the blurr but it really was the golden colour and wouldn't sit still very long



No idea


Possibly Blackmore



This I know is Chameleon with two DAS



The other solid back striped chameleons wouldn't play ball and stayed in the dark recesses of the log




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Some of the Darwin Rednoses decided to come out and join a bit of a food scrum. Very subtle but beautiful shrimp, I love their upward facing buggy eyes too.



I also love their iridescent spots that they have on their tails



I was in Bunnings today and happened to find that they had large black UV light bulbs, I am now trying to work out what portable light I can put one of these bulbs into and then see what glowing effects the native shrimp give off. I suspect they would have to have some sort of amazing colour under UV, after all scorpians literally glow and many birds even the humble budgie look stunning when seen under black light.

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Just had to add some more pictures of these beauties under the new LED light

A lovely DAS



Solid coloured single back stripe chameleon



Black broken striped Chameleon


And could be a chameleon or a Blackmore River shrimp


I'm leaning towards a blackmore for that last picture


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On 08/10/2016 at 7:19 PM, Baccus said:

black UV light bulbs, I am now trying to work out what portable light I can put one of these bulbs into and then see what glowing effects the native shrimp give off.

Do it !

That would be interesting.

This reminds me that I have a UV torch that I can use to try on my fish and shrimps too.

I'm off to find it.

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    • sdlTBfanUK
      There isn't much to report on this at the moment, I am 50/50 as to whether this is going to work or not long term. I have seen 2 dead shrimp since adding the new ones and counted about half of the new shrimp bought, that I saw yesterday! This is going to be a long term experiment I guess, the best I hope will happen at this point is that the remaining shrimp survive and reproduce and that new borns born in the tank should be more suited to the environment/water etc. There is an element of the acclimating didn't go as well/to plan as it should with my knowledge/experience, but I did the best I could, so that is what it is! Simon
    • Franks
      How is now the condition of pH?
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Summary from the old thread; I managed to destroy my wonderful Taiwan bee tank with a faulty heater that cooked them. I then set up the tank afresh May 2019 using shrimpking substrate, new plants and wood etc. The tank looked very drab from the start and several batches of new taiwan bee were added and died out instantly. Covid came along so I decided I would give up with the taiwan bee shrimp and get some fish instead about a year later (1 kilie and 12 mosquito rasbora). September 2020 I tried another batch of tawian bee but they fared no better and the tank was still very drab looking (and still is to this very day). I very much doubt it is the substrate but won't be using that again but have aquired a large bag of the old type of substrate I used before, but I really don't know what caused the problem, maybe there was some sort of bacterial infection or I accidently poisoned the shrimp, or there was something on the new plants/wood??? The parameters were always perfect and I have to just accept I will never know? At some later date I dumped some wild type red cherry culls into the tank as food for the killie but he didn't seem to eat them (they were clear/brown so maybe he didn't see them) and they seemed to settle into the tank and bred! Fast forward to a month ago and I decided that now the postal service is better than it had been early in the pandemic, I should maybe try some more taiwan bee as the cherry shrimp had been in there for a year or so and doing well, so I assume whatever the problem was had gone, although the tank is still not as healthy looking as the other tanks using the other substrate! I ordered 15 black shrimps 2 weeks ago and put those in the tank and they seemed to be surviving so earlier this week I order 20 red/blue shrimp and put those in the ttank yesterday. This morning I counted 18 shrimps (about half) so it looks as though it maybe going to work now, the tank is so densely planted that I would never expect to see ALL the live shrimp anyway! The killie fish died a few days ago so he isn't a threat anymore and I doubt the rasboras are either. I am now in the process of fishing out the wild type cherry shrimp as/when I see them! Here is the link to the full thread about the above but I decided to start a fresh thread from here on, https://skfaquatics.com/forum/forums/topic/14523-here-we-go-again/ I will keep this thread updated and get some photos at some stage, though the new shrimp are a bit small at the moment.  Simon
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I think I should start a new thread on this now as this is getting a bit long and it seems to be working now, and to keep it tidier and easy to find/follow! I will attach a link below once done! Simon https://skfaquatics.com/forum/forums/topic/15621-here-we-go-again-again/  
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Hopefully it will settle quite quickly now and it was just everything sorting itself out, and at least you caught it before it caused problems with the fish and shrimps. As you also say, it will take a bit of time for the neneficial bacteria to spread in the new sunstrate as well! The  packaging of the substrate should tell you if there is any routine you should carry out when first using it because of mineral build-up or ammonia, so if the packaging didn't say anything I think it is safe to assume it was not the substrate (Fluval stratum is volcanic soil), and other people may have just assumed it was the substrate without considering anything else if they had a similar episode to yours? Simon 
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