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What is a TB?

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I am confused (normal) about what is a Taiwan bee?
I thought that is was a mutation of the black(red) bee shrimp as implied by the chart in the first post in this thread Tibee, Taitibee, Pinto, Mischling, F1, F2 terms explained.
However this forum category is called "Taiwan Bee Shrimp - Caridina mariae x logemanni" implying that it is a cross between bee and tiger.
Googling didn't really help so can someone pleas explain or direct me?

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From my understanding, a TB is a crystal coloration.

However, this forum is for taiwan bee and it's hybrids. If you breed a pure TB to another shrimp, with selective breeding, it is possible to get offspring that appear to be TB, and are healthier, genetically speaking, but are not genetically TB.

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Mr. F

TB is thought to be a mutation to the pigment and pigment deposition genes in Crystal shrimp. Others think that the original TB was created by crossing a tiger to a crystal, however this isn't as widely accepted. Finally Tibee (tiger bee) shrimp come from logemanii (cantonensis) x mariae (or serrata, though this is called often called "Auratai").

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Thanks for your replies!
Seems like I am correct to be confused. Were they original bred in Taiwan or is this also a maybe?

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    • greysmithy
      By greysmithy
      Hello guys,
      I am curios how a cross-breed would look like between the galaxy pinto and the TB.
      Does anyone here have a picture of the cross-breed? I would love to see how they look.
      I have looked every  were but can't find anything about them.
      Kind regards,
    • Boris
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      About six months ago I got ten Crystal blacks and ten OE-tigers.
      The CB turned out to be mischlings and every batch has produced a couple of Crystal reds and one or two Taibees.
      I have no idea of their heritage and if they are F1, F2 etc. but so far I have KK, Panda and I think a RW.
      Also, the CR:s, through a 10X loupe, look more brown then red but I am colour-blind so that may be as it should but one TB is absolutely chocolate brown/white. What is this?
      My plan is to sell all the tigers and try to build a colony of Taibees and possibly Titaibees.
      How do you suggest that I do this? Should I keep a couple of the adult skyblue tigers to get up the numbers and possibly make some Titaibees or should I just keep the taibees separated and be patient?
      My goal is not to true breed or create a great line but rather to have fun and get some interesting looking shrimp.
    • larrymull
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      A rookie mistake on a hot melbourne day (it was above 40 degrees yesterday). My tanks got a little too hot yesterday as I closed the door to where I keep them and thus prevented the air conditioning hitting that room. As a result a couple of TB female shrimp deaths and to make matters worse when I got home I left the lid off my breeding external box to give the water more air/oxygen. This morning I woke up and found 2 TB's had tried to make a run for it and had jumped out of the breeding box and were dead on the floor.
      Great thing about keeping shrimp is that you learn the lessons the hard way!

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      +1 for the sponge. 
    • Crabclaw
      Definitely go the sponge. 
    • DEL 707
      I'm no expert, but 1 does seem a fair bit "chunkier" then the rest. Got a bit of a new problem though. I saw 1 of the shrimp cleaning away near the filter intake grill last night. He did look like he might have just been small enough to slip through. I was thinking of buying some filter sponge to jam behind the grill to stop them getting in.
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