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Hi guys, well it's been a while and I hope you're all doing well. I'm back with pics from this years champs hosted by SCV which was a great success again and seems to be really building some momentum now. It was great to meet even more interstate shrimpers, put more names to faces and of course catch up with our old shrimp mates again. We hope to see you there next year too! 

I'm going to start by posting some pics from the Native Species class, a class which is generally under-appreciated and under-represented in both the show and the wider hobby. Hope you like them... 

crop_DSC_9484_2 copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9484 copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9540 copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9568 copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9573 copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9616 copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9616_2 copy.jpg

First 2 pics are Riffle Shrimp (Australatya striolata) from Paul O'Leary having a feed on my food formula. 

Pic 3 is another Riffle from fishmosy which was from the group which collected 1st place in the Native class. 

Remaining pics are Caridina sp. indistincta C also from fishmosy. A beautiful species which was still colouring back up by the end of the show. Imagine how good they look fully settled in. 

Also ready to go are pics from the Cherry Shrimp class. Enjoy! 


crop_DSC_9615 copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9495 copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9529 copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9630 copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9566 copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9574 copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9519 copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9521 copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9498_fr copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9526_fr copy.jpg

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Orange Rili Shrimp from master Cherry breeder gbang. You might care to refer back to my shots from the championships last year to see just how far he's progressed this line in only a year. Well done mate! 

Amazing Back-line full Carbon Shrimp also from gbang. A difficult trait to stabilise but the master is hard at work and if anyone can do it, he can. 

Next, the Sunkist/Orange Cherries really jumped out as excellent examples of that line. 

Blue Dreams were poorly behaved and I was lucky to get any shots at all. 

Fire Reds, lovely shrimp that need no introduction. They were beauties. 


In a league of their own, Bloody Mary Shrimp (from guess who) took out first in the Cherry Shrimp class and also Best In Show. Congratulations gbang!! 

At the top left of the final pic you can see the quality of the males benched in this group. An outstanding line of Cherry Shrimp. 

crop_DSC_9592_bm copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9612_bm copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9557_bm copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9613_bm copy.jpg

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In the Crystal Shrimp Class 3rd place went to newbreed for some CRS with very good red legs - these were shrimp from Ineke. 

2nd went to Adam Blackburn for some very nice CBS with great black and also with good legs. I thought these were one of the standouts of the show. First pic is of a nice male. 

And finally, first place was awarded to Barry Lee for a group of PRL which unsurprisingly beat the standard Crystal lines entered. Congratulations Barry! 

crop_DSC_9469 copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9468 copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9471_pbl copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9472_pbl copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9476_pbl copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9549_pbl copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9601_pbl copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9596_prl copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9593_prl copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9554_prl copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9553_prl copy.jpg

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And this is why we get @kizshrimp to get our official photos!! 

You've shown their true glory here Kyril! Cheers mate. 

Very lucky to have someone with your skills in the Shrimp Club sir!

Edited by newbreed
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crop_DSC_9565 copy.jpg

Whoa Mumma!

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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38 minutes ago, Foxpuppet said:

crop_DSC_9565 copy.jpg

Whoa Mumma!

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Now you can see why we have a Best Solo Shrimp category!! She was amazing and had many people transfixed!!

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Thanks everyone! Tell me about that BB girl above, I could hardly drag the camera away. Awesome shrimp, super congrats to SMT for that win. 

There's still more photos to come but I also have to sleep sometimes, so thanks in advance for your patience. We're nearly done here. 

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Great pictures thanks this really helps in identifying my own shrimp making it easier to put them in a class, the posters all help however seeing them in the real is so much easier, thanks again @kizshrimp and all involved in making the championship a success.

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Hey @zn30, glad you like the pics! I hope you know that in addition to the wonderful community of shrimpers here at SKF, your local - Shrimp Club Victoria - also has a wonderful community of great shrimpers. And we'd love to see you there sometime! 

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Looking forward to seeing everyone in the future. I visit the shrimp club Victoria Facebook page and web page often, that's how I actually stumbled onto the SKF. Will be looking to venture into other shrimp soon, I will be in contact via this means once I have set up more tanks thank you again for the support provided.

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Will get the Chameleon pics up eventually too mate, sadly the shots aren't up to the same standard as the shrimp so I'll just tack them on at the end for completeness sake.  

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The Tiger class was somewhat lightly represented at the show but 1st place was taken by Bob Marsh with some very well-coloured Tangerine Tigers (Caridina serrata). These beautiful shrimp were also awarded Reserve Best in Show. Congratulations Bob! 

2nd was awarded to SMT for some lovely OEBT (Caridina mariae) that I suppose were Royals with very deep rusty females. Unfortunately I couldn't get a single photo of those shrimp, not even a terrible one. 

crop_DSC_9465 copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9466 copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9563 copy.jpg

The "Any Other Shrimp" class is exactly what it sounds like. We'd love to see many more Aussie shrimpers submit something for show so that we could expand the range of classes but right now this is where Pintos, Fancy Tigers and anything else that doesn't fit the previous classes (Native Species; Cherries; Crystal Bees; Shadow/Taiwan; Tigers) have to compete against each other. 

SMT was awarded first in this class for some nice Black Pinto, of which I only managed to photograph 1 shrimp. They were a really nice group. 

Barry Lee was awarded 2nd for some lovely red Fancy Tigers which were a fantastic group of shrimp. 

3rd went to Newbreed for a group of fancy tigers which again I couldn't get a pic of. What an anticlimax...

crop_DSC_9581 copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9602 copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9510 copy.jpg

crop_DSC_9513 copy.jpg

Edited by kizshrimp
Breeder credits
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3 hours ago, kizshrimp said:

2nd was awarded to SMT for some lovely OEBT (Caridina mariae) that I suppose were Royals with very deep rusty females. Unfortunately I couldn't get a single photo of those shrimp, not even a terrible one. 

3rd went to Newbreed for a group of fancy tigers which again I couldn't get a pic of. What an anticlimax...

The mind boggles I have a metal picture of the shrimp holding up their chelipeds in front of their eyes so you couldn't get their picture? LOL. Great pictures of the other willing shrimp.

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Haha @zn30 they just stay too far back, hide behind filters etc. When you mive them forward they won't stay. 

@NoGi I'm just using a D300 with the old 60 af-d macro and a single overhead flash. The lens is really showing its age as i bet you can see. 

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I haven't had full fame since using film and can't wait to upgrade the body soon. That Canon 100mm is a great lens @NoGi

I'm so keen to get organising our gear for next years video @Gab WG!!

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Hopefully i'll have some better gears myself lol.
Probably uploading in an hour or so.
final polishing, took only a week to get it all together :)

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@lodo how about a SKF sponsored macro photo comp at the next show ?

Criteria to enter - must attend show in order to take the photo

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