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    • KeenShrimp
      By KeenShrimp
      Guys, I will be the first to admit that I should have bought those Cardinals at the auction last night. My tank is not yet ready.
      If a guy on Gumtree raises them in tap water and @JPN07 has bred and adapted them for easier keeping here in Australia,  is there anything else that interested potential keepers should know apart from adding Sulawesi shrimp salt and off we go?
      Do you need special rocks or substrate, or specific types of blankets of algae? Do they eat normal shrimp food? They are classified as a very hard shrimp to keep and I would just like to find out why. Do they kick the bucket for the slightest change in water parameters like small water changes? I have looked at their habitat and taken a mental note that they like to hang out on the underside of hanging rocks, but can it really be that easy?
      I have seen photos of setups that look like they were staged for National Geographic, and then I have seen For Sale ads where the tanks look more like swamps with a phosphate problem there is so much algae in it, but it is filled to the brim with babies. What works?
    • jayc
      By jayc
      I came across this Japanese website that shows the biotope of Sulawesi shrimps.
      Thought you guys with Sulas would be interested. (Need Google translate to English).
    • Mark49
      By Mark49
    • BRISSY
      By BRISSY
      One of my females

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    • Steensj2004
      I’m very excited. The smaller shrimp seem to be hanging around the larger ones now, as they are considerably larger and look to be less shy.   16 Red Crystals, 12 Black Crystals, on their way. I added more reds, lol.
    • DEL 707
      Had a bit of trim of the plants today. The cheery shrimp, were going crazy over my hand, used to have that problem with cleaner shrimp, didn't think fresh water shrimp were like this.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Ah!! That makes more sense and gives everything a chance to settle down a bit before doing the next water change, so go with that! The zerowater jug produces the same as RO so you don't need to buy an RO filter as well, so I would start with the zerowater and see how you get on with that. You may later decide to go the full RO filter if you are using a lot of RO water, ie if you decide to also do the large 190L tank but that is too far off to worry about yet! Just stick with dechlorinated tap water twice a week until the tank is cycled/ready for now and put the zerowater jug and GH//KH+ (when they arrive) to one side ready! Simon  
    • Sonnycbr
      Sorry Simon, I’ve just watched part of the vid again and it fact it’s a 50% water change twice a week. That’s what I’ll do. 
    • Sonnycbr
      I did order a zero water jug but it hadn’t arrived yet. The only reason I’m doing the water changes is following a YouTube video of a bloke doing the same set up and when he first started he was doing daily water changes. Do you think I should do less? I’m slightly concerned about the ammonia levels spiking. 
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