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    • Panda
      By Panda
      Evening Guys,
         I had a shipment (small one) arrive today, but the sender has mixed my King Kongs and Black Pintos in the same bag. Is there an easy tell tale as to which is which? (rather small juvies)
      These are my first bee's and really wanted to keep things separate for now.
      Thanks in advance.
    • Crabby
      By Crabby
      Hey everyone,
      I was recently (meaning today) given the opportunity to set up a breeding tank for some native inverts (or some harder to breed fish I guess, but I want to go for shrimp) in a fishroom I help out in. I've been trying to decide what native shrimp I want to try breeding, but then I remembered that it's not as simple as exotics. Can I get some input from the 'experts' (@Grubs, @NoGi, @Baccus, @fishmosy, @jayc of course, I know most of you aren't very active anymore, but I would appreciate your help if you see this message) on what native invert you guys think is easiest to breed (for a semi-noob who hasn't kept natives before). I can set it up as brackish I think, we have an archer fish tank there and are setting up a saltwater as well so should have access to those tools and materials.  
    • YoloDaBolo
      By YoloDaBolo
      PLZ HELP 🙂 
    • sky99
      By sky99
      Hello everyone!
      I bought some pintos, and i did put them with my other bees (some panda, some king kong, some blue bolts).
      However, i can't seem to find if pintos do breed true (in that case, should i separate them? or will those mix with the others
      to make cool new paterns, colors, etc?)
      I have a hard time figuring what bee breed true if any.
      I've read that bee are a mutation of CRS/CBS, but do they produce  similar offsprings or is it more random as an interaction of
      multiple genes?
      Thanks in advance for the help!
    • Chris0zx6r
      By Chris0zx6r
      Hi, I’ve got a 55 litre tank with some guppies, cardinal tetras, panda and peppered cories, amano shrimp and cherry shrimp (oh and a few unintentional snails). I’ve just discovered that there are maybe 10 tiny cherry shrimp (less than 2mm) underneath a piece of wood in the tank. Will they survive with the other species in the tank or should I put them in a breeding box at the top of the tank (I already have one) to stop them becoming fish food! Never had anything breed in the tank so far, so not sure what’s best.
      Thanks, Chris 
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    • Crabby
      Okay, so the title pretty much says it all... One of my berried tts just moulted, and she left the eggs in the moult. What happened, and why?  I'm going to try to save the eggs with some sort of extraction, and I'll be very careful. She was pretty far along. I think I'll use the net over bubbler method. Does anyone have experience with this, and particularly the extraction? I won't do anything until I have some idea to go off.  Thanks in advance. Crabby Oh and the moult is under like 2 hours old. Wasn't there when I started watching a movie, was there when I checked back after. Going off this video:  Hoping the process will be similar.   
    • Blazepelt
      Quick update: Definitely one saddled shrimp possibly 2. 3 Moults. And lots of activity! Here’s more pics.  
    • clippergear
      @Blazepelt  thanks for the advice of just spreading the powder on the surface of the tank for the babies. I hadn't thought of using it that way. @jayc  thanks for the recipe. It's probably very similar to anything Repashy would have but is more nutritious like you said. I know it's way cheaper to make my own!! Thanks for the link to the recipe. I've checked it out and it seems straight forward with readily available ingredients!! I've already located the super greens and the agar agar. I'm assuming I could add some other minerals and stuff to the recipe as well, which I like to do.
    • jayc
      @clippergear, make your own ! I have a recipe somewhere on this forum. It's more nutritious than repashy since they have to keep costs down.  Oh yeah ... found the link. https://skfaquatics.com/forum/forums/topic/8429-new-food-type-for-shrimp-shrimp-kandy-feast/  
    • Blazepelt
      Hi clippergear, I don’t speak from experience but I hear shrimp adore repashy gel. Which is just repashy powder mixed with water and boiled. It comes out as a jelly. I have never heard of a shrimp that doesn’t like it. Most shrimp even love the straight powder form. It’s especially beneficial to shrimplets as the powder will float all over the tank.    -B
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