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heaters - good and bad?


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Brisbane's extended summer is finally drawing to an end and it's time to get some more heaters. Does anyone have recommendations on brands/models to use or avoid using? Petworx are cheap but I'm thinking is this because they like to create shrimp soup?? I'll be after a few 25W and 50W since my tanks are small.

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I'm a big fan of the AquaEl heaters. Compact, black and not glass! Unbreakable! Only drawback for me is you can hear when it turns on. It's like some flicks a switch which makes a noise haha. A bit on the expensive side $40 for the 50W

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Personally I don't have a preference over heater make/model even though most of my heaters are Eheim Jagers. I use any make/model I could get but for some of my sumps, a 300W Eheim Jager is too big to fit so I had to use a different one.

To prevent shrimp soup regardless of make/model of heaters, I would recommend an additional thermostat for each heater which cost around $10-$15 from eBay. Send me a PM if you would like a link.

All heaters would eventually fail so a cheap redundancy is a good investment IMO.

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Thanks for the tips @neo-2FX and @jc12! I feel much more confident going forward.


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    • Zebra
      By Zebra
      Awhile back I ordered a cheap little heater from eBay, $13 free shipping, it arrived today. 
      It says "explosion proof" Carbon fibre 230v 16w preset 25c -/+ 1c. Came with an Asian plug and I couldn't find the same model with au plug.
      Quite a nice little unit with indicator light, 
      Red= active heating.
      Blue= At temp.

      I got a $50 Bunnings gift card for my birthday but can't be bothered going anywhere today to buy a new plug, So I found an old 2 wire power cord and some insulated 250v screw connectors and wired it up like this for now, Still a fully safe stable connection and would be fine to leave as is, but I'll get a plug one day soon.
      Brown to brown, Blue to blue- pretty simple, sometimes old wires use different colours, tbh the polarity hasn't seemed to matter on any of the other non earthed 2 wire devices I've used, but it's still a good idea to just follow the colours there.
      Ensure the wires are clean and making solid connection, and the screws are tight enough to hold them securely in place.- don't leave bare wire hanging out. Also make sure the connectors are 250v rated as some aren't.

      One of the suction cups came broken, I'll tell the seller, but for now I just replaced it with a spare I had, The suction cup that wasn't broken looks really good and holds the heater very well, all in all it actually looks like a very well made unit, very clean and tidy, nice construction.
      Installed, plugged in and operating fine, will have to monitor it over the next few days to see how it holds temp, it's in a 15L tank holding about 10L of water.
      Minimum temp in that tank through winter has been around 15c, This heater is replacing a faulty aquaone heater I was able to get a refund on.
      So far quite impressed.
    • cathiienguyen
      By cathiienguyen
      I bought 7 RCS for my 2.5 gal tank yesterday (no filter/heater). I also have a marimo ball as well as some java moss. I was wondering if this no filter set up is okay for my RCS? This morning they were acting less active than yesterday. They weren't picking at the marimo ball or anything, and were all just standing still..
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