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Shrimp tail rot?

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Ok, so I wasn't planning on going straight into a "please help me" thread, but my stress levels just spiked.

As the heading suggests, is it even possible? First question.

I will describe what I saw in extensive details, because my phone camera is very poor (I blame Sony), and secondly I can only get a better camera tomorrow (GMT+2 here by me, so it's 10 in the evening)

Background - I got 10 Jellies in Feb, of which one was a rilli. It survived for about two weeks. Death was unknown as the tank was cycled and params were good. (It wasn't an impulse buy, so I made sure that the tank was ready for them). Anyways, females were in berry, and when the shrimplets were big enough, I saw some colour irregularities. But that's a different, and sorta funny story. Because of the colour irregularities, I knew I'd have to separate the different colours. So a plan was made to get a second tank up to speed for shrimp occupation. All went according to plan. No complications during the separation. No deaths. Yet. Touch wood.

Ok, now to the current issue. In the tank that the shrimp were moved to, I saw a female with the following:

The back end of the tail is black. What is that?

Just kidding. Full details. Female is roughly 1.5cm long (about 3 fifths of an inch). From between the 3rd and 2nd last pleopods all the way to the end of the tail it is extremely dark brown, almost black. The last 2 pleopods don't function at all. The body is also a lot thinner there than what it should be. The shrimp can't swim, and when it does try, the entire back end is curled into the body. So it's confined to the substrate and wherever it can climb.

I'm trying to think of a good analogy. Uhm... Beef jerkey, maybe?

I have been dosing the tank with Bio Elite Heal All for the past ten days, so if it is viral, bacterial or wound related, it should have gotten better. It doesn't appear to be a difformity, as it's getting worse.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Hi @WaterWalker,

welcome to SKF.

Sorry to hear the news of that shrimp, it doesn't sound good.

It might be too far gone to find a cure for it.

It certainly sounds like bacterial infection, but a picture close up of the area will help.  

A full report of your water parameters would be useful as well to spot any possible irregularities.

Unfortunately, using that general purpose multi cure medicine will not help. It's not strong enough. It's like trying to treat cancer with Panadol or aspirin.

While you are working on reporting back with a pic and water params, have a read of the Diseases and Diagnosis sticky thread.

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    • Crabclaw
      That’s a cool idea! I would be interested in testing that out as well at some point. Let us know if you try it!
    • sdlTBfanUK
      We don't get the heat you do their but I am planning to get a cooler, a fan when we get to spring if the shrimps do well. I don't know whether that type of cooler is available where you are and it may not be powerful enough anyway. I will just put it on the tank when needed, but thats unlikely to be often here, and so  easy to set up. Obviously this isn't any good where you are based but I wanted to show an alternative to the chiller in case that suits? https://www.pro-shrimp.co.uk/aquarium-coolers/3100-jbl-cooler-200-aquarium-cooler-4014162604293.html?search_query=cooler&results=8  Believe me when I say you don't want to go through the heartache of cooked shrimps, I am still gutted 6 months later and the new lot will never be the same???? CO2 and shrimps is very risky and so I wouldn't use it, especially if it isn't needed and everything is ok? Simon
    • Lizzy
      Shame there aren't more active locals. I don't have one Simon. I've thought to buy one multiple times. A couple of reasons why I didn't: 1. CRS survived last summer. Tank got to 27-28 degrees some days when we weren't home and I never had any deaths. Not saying it won't happen in the future, but they appear to be hardier than I first thought. 2. My other half isn't keen on another canister filter to run a chiller, fearing leaks. Don't ask lol. I would've bought another Eheim 2213. I have one on my 30C and its perfect. On another note, I just bought a CO2Art Pro-SE regulator. Planning on running CO2 on the 30C. Still need to get a gas cylinder. I have limited cabinet space so I have to work out what will fit as I want the biggest cylinder I can get. I also need to figure out if I run an inline reactor or diffuser in the tank. Any suggestions? I believe inline is the most efficient, but I don't know of any drawbacks. Lizzy
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Great news and hopefully you SHOULD be ok as you have at least got the tank/water sorted before getting the shrimps! There are a lot of jaw dropping aquascapes out there on youtube but as  you have said it is so much more interesting to see movement/life in the tanks? Even in small quantities, it just adds so much more? The shrimps may well moult due to the changes in the water so don't panic if you see a 'Ghost' or 2! Were the shrimps big enough that you can tell whether they are male or female?  Also they may hide more than you expect, until they are 'comfortable' with their new home. Simon 
    • sdlTBfanUK
      When I used TAP water for my Betta the JBL soil I used (may not be available where you are though) exhausted its PH buffering in about 3 months, if that is any help - didn't take long! Incidentally, has anyone ever tried exhausting a soil substrate buffering by adding PH plus, before adding any occupants, I am assuming that will speed up the process. I may get some and give it a go as an experiment? next time I do an order????? Simon
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