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What LED light are you running?

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@Xander, those lights look fine for shrimp. 

You should choose lights based on the type of plants you will have in the tank. 

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Just to add some info here.

Starting with shrimp related lights. We had an ISTA LED 26cm. It was cheap and acted like it. There was a constant hum coming from the light when on and the output was disappointing. Not a light i would recommend. It was soon replaced with a Chihiros A series 36cm. Good dimmable light that has a bright white (not soft yellow) and on a 25cm high tank needed to be run at about half power.

On my display 45x27x30h i have a no name 45cm LED with just 10 LED's in it. It came with the tank and looks to be about 5 yo. There is a much warmer white (yellowish)  and it will maintain the growth of carpet plants at 30cm. When i want to boost the carpet growth i also put on another 45cm Led from Ming-Kong industries that came with a tank i got second hand. It has about 120 much smaller LED's but as you might imagine has a pretty impressive output. Neither has a dimmer so i just light swap as needed.

There is a Zetlight mini LED with a pendant stand and 3 LED's. Not dimmable and sitting on my daughters 36cm Beta tank. This light was a bit more expensive and looks great. I think it would be perfect on a 25cm cube display tank. Only drawback is it's not dimmable so tank selection needs to be spot on for the plants to thrive.

On to bigger tanks that are not shrimp related.

Our 90x35x45h  planted tank was running T5's, that were a couple of years old. The carpet plants, MC and Mini Hair grass, were struggling so when the tubes gave up some MMLED tubes were installed. There is a 6800k XB2 with 90deg lenses for the carpet and a sunset/sunrise 120deg lens for the taller plants and fish colour. It is not as bright white, because of the colour LED's i would say, but the carpet is responding much better and the colour adjustment, program-ability and other control you have is great.

The outdoor 6 foot tank has 2 30w 6500k LED spotlights. 120deg lens. They are hanging on adjustable mounts and are about 15cm from the top of the tank. Because this tank is outside and gets plenty of reflected light they are really there for viewing purposes but during the winter months they throw out enough light to keep low light plants happy. If i was going to go for some more demanding plants then 3 to 4 of them would be needed.

Last is a 90x30x40H tetra tank. It had T8 tubes but they just gave out this week and i have ordered a MMLED Chihiros replacement. It is a new LED that MMLED is bringing out and is more of a budget line to compete with the Chinese Chihiros lights but with Aussie workmanship and MMLED's warranty. With shipping it is about 50% more expensive that the cheapest i could find but you have the ability to customize them on ordering and all the specs on the LED's is available so you know what you are getting. I went with the RGB style because there is no demanding plants in this tank and i wanted some colour to make the tetra's pop a bit. I was immediately emailed  by Fred and told that this light would not be as bright as an A series light so we will see what it looks like when it arrives.

In the next couple of nights i will take some photo's and put them up so the colours of each can be compared.




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I use the fluval nano plant 3.0 with my 16L nano tank.


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    • sdlTBfanUK
      Thanks for that, I think I will try that just so that I know, though I don't think they will be going back into the tank now. Will be good to know though whether they were the reason. Simon edit 1hr later - I have done this, and also put some of the water in a cup to test the water itself, will leave both a week and report back. Ph was 5.5 when set up
    • beanbag
      My guess is a fungus, so remove it as much as possible and do water change (slowly). The common causes of fungus are overfeeding (left over food), something that is decaying (plants or animals), or something emitting sugars, like driftwood.
    • beanbag
      acid test them or leave it in a glass of remineralized water and check its pH again after a few days.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      All the other parameters are stable and perfect, and the newly filtered remineralised water that goes into the tank when doing a water change is Ph5.5. I use the dennerle mineral double in place of salty shrimp as it is easier to use being a liquid! I do 10% water changes each week. It is a bit baffling to me but as there is no obvious problems at this point I am not too worried but will probably get some new substrate ready, just in case. The substrate that is in the tank is a year old and as mentioned the only other unknown that may have caused the problem was I had 3 geodes in the tank, which are a type of rock? Simon
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I leave the sides and back alone as well and the shrimplets seem to come out onto that a lot and IF there are new borns that is the only place where I get to see them. When you do a water change you need to add in the new water very slowly also, most use some sort of dripper setup. It may just be that the setup wasn't established enough, that is what I put my fungus down too anyway. Mine wasn't really anywhere that I could remove it but it cleared in less than a week, but if you can remove some manually I would do that.I imagine just adding the shrimp may cause a small/temporary imbalance as it then has to adjust again, if that makes sense?  Hopefully you won't loose any more shrimps, and I wouldn't worry too much about the fungus unless it just keeps getting worse, as I have had this happen a few times with newish tanks and it has always just cleared up in about a week. Simon