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Can you Spot the Mystery Fry?


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Much to my other halves disgust and massive annoyance I have the tendency to leave old buckets of fish water laying around the shed, particularly if its got weed in it taken out of the tanks. Well just tonight my slackness has paid off. I happened to look in a tank of old fish water with a heap of weed I have been meaning to sort through to rescue any hitch hiking baby notopalas and instead spied two tiny fish fry. The candidates for possible parents are.

Angel Fish that may have had a secret breeding happen and one of the adults has since shuffled off to the big fish tank in the sky.

Pacific Blue Eyes,

Rainbow most likely local ones not the Dwarf Neons or Pygmy

or in my opinion most likely Spotted Blue Eyes, but that is only because they are always producing fry.



Ill help you out



They really are insy and almost seem smaller than other newborn/ hatch Spotted blue eye Fry I have seen previously.

Now the tank will have to be left so the babies can have a chance to grow up and I can work out which tank of the 7 they belong in.

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I'm amazed that I even saw the first movement of one of them they are that tiny, firstly I thought mozzie wriggler, then maybe a daphnia or other little critter of that ilk. I cant say I have ever seen such small fry from any of the usual suspects in the egg laying department. I would say even a newborn cory would nearly dwarf these little guys.

I did think of another possible candidate for parentage Threadfin Rainbows. But because I dumped stuff from basically 4 different tanks these fry could be any of the previously mentioned contenders.

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Some more pictures of the mystery fry, the powder on the surface is first starter fry food.





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Nice photos.

BTW I fixed up the image links. :happy: Insert them via "Insert other media" -> "Insert image from URL" next time and it'll be fine.

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Thanks for the fix up. Every other time I have inserted pictures it has worked from just using the direct link option from photobucket.

I think I have narrowed these guys down to being either Pacific Blue Eyes- but didn't think I had put any of their tank weed into the original tub of water.


Dwarf Neon Rainbows.

I will be pretty excited if they are either Dwarf Neons or Threadfins. And if they have been spawning in my cory tank there is very good chance that there are more fry growing up hidden in the jungle of that tank.

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I think I have nailed down the mystery fry to being Pacific Blue Eyes, since I just discovered another fry in their tank. Nice to know that they are feeling happy enough to breed now.

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