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    • sdlTBfanUK
      I don't boil the driftwood when I put it in the tanks as JayC says, the tannins are good for the shrimps and it has never made the water so brown it becomes a problem, only slightly brown! I guess though that it may be a safe/good precaution to boil it anyway! Some countries are very strict about importing shrimps, from what I hear on here I think it is illegal in Australia to import shrimps/crabs etc so that is why people needed to know where you are based. Being based in UK I don't really know much about buying shrimps in the US so hopefully someone will come through with this. There are lots of youtube videos made by Flip Aquatics (I think they are Ohio based???) which is based in the US though!   Simon
    • kms
      Still holding around 25.1-25.7 degree Celsius, so it seems good. I still want to add some micro crabs, I'll see if.I can get some in taiwan  they should be able to sort out any necessary paper work.
    • jayc
      That was quick. I see you have sourced some driftwood. Don't be too worried about removing the tannins. Its actually good for the shrimps. 
    • Steensj2004
      On the 4th rinse/boil of the new drift wood, water is looking much less brown. Rock coming out tonight.
    • Steensj2004
      Sorry, I assumed mentioning that I plan to order online made this answer fairly universal. I’m in the US. My bad. I assume that I still need to be at least a bit careful with where I source driftwood. Boiling and removing tannins is obvious, but trying to avoid any further issues when I replace this rock.