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My Mistake(s)...


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Hello Fellow ShrimpKeepers! 

I started a planted tank approximately two weeks ago and the tank was cycled as of yesterday. I decided that I would have a crack at Red Cherry Shrimps as my clean-up crew. They're such delicate and peaceful creatures, I just knew I had to have some. 

I plan to keep some shrimp specific shrimp tanks later on, but for now I'll be growing this tank out. My tank currently has 4 glowlight tetras in there, which I made the mistake of buying because I couldn't tell the difference between them and glowlight (hengeli) rasboras... I looked for the word glowlight at my LFS and said yup, they're the ones. My second mistake was putting RCS in without knowing that glowlight would absolutely dominate my RCS

I put 3 males and 3 female RCS into the tank, one female was obliterated within a minute, another male injured and 4 others being bullied. 

I hope to trade away my glowlight tetras in due course, but am looking for a source for more RCS. They cost me a pretty dollar each which I thought was a bit steep considering they can be pests at times. I'm located in Sydney, Australia, so please let me know if you've got some RCS you're willing to let go. 

On another note, does anyone know how hengeli rasboras will treat RCS? Otherwise, I may have to give them up and go with something like Darwin Algae Shrimp or Ghost Shrimp.

Without further ado, I thought I'd share a photo of my tank:

1. The setup:


2. Filling the tank up:


3. The plants growing out: 


If you're interested, please check out my Tank Journal at the following link: 



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The reason the RCS might have cost you more would be because they were of good quality.  There are definitely some cheaper lower grade RCS out there, but why get cheap, which tend to have less colour, when you can invest in a few good quality RCS of each sex that in the right conditions will breed nicely for you and produce alot of colour and activity in your tank? Good luck on getting it all sorted. I look forward to seeing pics of your busy tank soon ☺️.

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    • Seattleshrimp
      By Seattleshrimp
      Hi ! 
      I live in Seattle where the water is incredibly soft and I have a tap water pH of 6.7, GH of 0-1 and KH 2. My existing tank with plants already has buffered substrate. Would I have better chance of keeping CRS than RCS with my current water parameters ? Or would RCS do okay?    I do have an RO system already, and I could  remineralize my water with salty shrimp KH/GH+. Which would allow my GH and KH parameter to be okay for neocaridinas, but I already have a tank with active substrate. I’m 100% I don’t have space to set up another tank with inert substrate.    Would do you recommend ? What are pH you have successfully kept neocaridinas and have them thriving ?    Thanks ! I appreciate all the help as I am new to the hobby. 
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      Hello, I'm still new here
      So I keep some RCS in 7 gal tank (30x30x30cm). I use aquabides for water and I put some bacteria starter. The filter is hang-on filter with surface skimmer and the lamp is 5W LED. I use soil and put some plants there (cuba and monte carlo for the soil, and some java flaming moss, some cabomba, and a tonina fluviatis). I keep around 20 RCS there. At first they looks happy. Swimming around here and there but after some time it looks like they are just sitting on one spot not tends to not move. Some of them are molting and usually the "ghost" will be eaten by others but no RCS touched that skin. I put some HIKARI Shrimp Cuisine and they don't even touch it. Today when I checked on them nearly all of them are dead at the bottom of the tank or outside the tank. All is dead except one RCS that hang on the carbon filter (outside the water). I put the survivor on a glass with distilled water and some tissue. I observe it and it looks like the RCS is covered by some diatom by its mouth and when I transferred it into the glass it looks like puking diatoms too. The water on the "graveyard" tank is somewhat slimy and the surface skimmer can't absorb the slime. What must I do and what is wrong with this tank?
    • larrymull
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      Hi Guys,
      My RCS seem to have halted breeding over the last couple of months. I am not sure if this is heat related or I am just not getting them in the mood. All parameters are fine, with a TDS of around 150 (I am keeping them with CRS). I am thinking of doing a 20-30% water change on the weekend to see how that goes.
      Anyone have any thoughts on how to set the scene?
      As a side note I was in HK last week and wow it is so impressive walking around and looking at all the brilliant shrimp places, the colour and quality of the shrimp is nothing I have seen. Very impressed.
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      Im wanting to set up my first shrimp specific tanks and need some advise and recommendations
      I only want to keep cherry shrimp but a fair few different colour varieties so want either a large divided tank or multiple nano tanks and ideally id like to run sponge filters all off one air pump
      So here are my questions:
      1. Is individual nano tanks or large divided tank better? 
      2. If large divided- is glass or mesh better for actual dividers?
      3. Whats the best options for heating for both nano and circulation of heat in a divided tank?
      4. Do i need shrimp specific substrate for cherry shrimp? My tap PH is 7.8 and RCS seem fine with that in my community tank
      5. Will separate sponge filters for each divided section/tank be enough filtration and oxygen or will i need something better?
      6. What sort of air pump capacity will i need if im using gang valves to split? Do i go by total litres of all volume or even more than that?
      7. Whats the smallest tank size i can go for a small colony- not looking to mass bread and dont have much space.
      8. What are the better plants (specifically moss & small ferns etc) for low light?
      Id really appreciate some advice and specific product ideas if you have anything you recommend because i want to do this right and im going to take the time for due diligence- ive attached photos of some ideas i like so far

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    • jayc
      Great shot of Big Mama!  I reckon, 1 week tops for hatching.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Great photo and news. The eggs are fading yellow but there are eyes so all looking good and there are a lot of eggs! Probably about half way ready to hatch.
    • d3ss3n
      Let's hope the big mama can lay safely those eggs
    • jayc
      Sorry, I'm not in that area. 🙃   I prefer Glass tanks. Acrylic scratches way too easily. Often while cleaning algae off the sides. And once it's built up enough scratches, viewing gets obstructed.    Often going with LARGE tanks, you start to fall into custom built stands. So don't be surprised if you cannot find anything suitable.   
    • sdlTBfanUK
      The easiest way wouod be to go to an aquarium shop and get a tank with a cabinet made for that tank, as that should be able to support the weight, as water in any large quantity is very heavy. I suspect it would have to be a glass aquarium at that capacity, otherwise the plastic would have to be very thick. It is possible to use a non aquarium specific piece of furniture but as you say it is quite risky, though I did help a friend do that by strengthening a nice decorative piece of furniture they had that they wanted to put a 350L tank on. It has been doing the job for 10 years but also bear in mind water marks, and we had to varnish many coats to make sure water doesn't soak into the wood etc. Its not really worth it in reality, it cost a lot of money to buy all the wood/stuff to strengthen it so was probably no cheaper, and a lot of time doing it. It may be dearer to get a combo tank and stand but much much easier and safer, and only you can know what ones you llike the appearance of? I would start off going to local stores and seeing if they have any you like, and even if not it will give you ideas?
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