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I found the snails I was looking for!


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Ooooh I am so excited about this! I received my snail package yesterday: Spiny Marsh Snails ( Thiara Amarula), Giant Cone Snails (unsure what these are ), Assorted Nerites ( not being an expert, I am unsure of exact types, but I have some with striated tan/black pattern, spots, zigzag, olive and black), and Singapore Spiraling snails that have black shells ( these are actually from China, but don't mass produce). I asked one of the online stores that I buy from whether they could get some for me and it turns out one could. They are not exactly cheap, but one has to keep in mind that they are responsibly sourced, they don't mass produce, are stunning to look at, are quite large, and whomever the person is that has to dig them out in murky crocodile infested water, with mosquitoes and 40 degrees Celsius plus weather with leeches definitely deserves to get paid by those of us with a higher sense of self-preservation in my opinion!) I am not a photographer, and had to rush to get a few pics. None of the snails are in too acidic water, seem to like algae wafers, and love digging in the substrate. The shrimp follow the snails as they borrow through the soil and forage on the upturned biofilm. If anyone would like to know where to buy them, you are welcome to pm me as I am not sure whether I am allowed to post the suppliers details on here.









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The giant cone snails will almost certainly be Stenomelania cf. aspirans. keep all the snails you mentioned in a pH above 7 otherwise their shell erodes and they will die. 

The cone snails will likely quickly become your favourites. They are certainly mine.

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Great snails, I really like the spiney marsh snails. The second snail picture looks like some type of notopala, if that is the one that say is was from China then it could be also known as a  trapdoor snail (either Chinese or Japanese), but I wasn't aware of them actually having colourful bodies like that. I am pretty sure that the Chinese trapdoor snail breeds the same way as notopala and mystery snails in needing a male and a female but then have live births unlike mystery snails that will lay a cluster of eggs above the water.

Certainly interesting times ahead for you

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Ended up getting quite a selection. Much like 'Keenshrimp' s order. 

Giant cone snails $16 each!! Spiny marsh. Also $16 each. 20 Singapore Spiral Snails SSS. A dozen nerites and chestnut mystery snails. All to add to the collection. Remaining ever vigilant to find other snails. Especially other colour varieties like blue ramshorn and purple mystery snails. 

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I don't think I have ever seen blue Ramshorns in Australia (I suspect they maybe be more of an American/ Europe thing) just like giant ramshorns. Years ago I recall there being different coloured mystery snails readily available at pet shops and then for some reason the other colours just disappeared and only the gold was commonly available.

I have pink ramshorns but can not be certain they throw 100% pink babies without more browns emerging out of each clutch of eggs.

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I chanced upon someone who has blue and pink ramshorns. Looking forward to a purchase from him. 

Also a Gumtree listing of a mystery snail collector earlier this year who has 4 of the unusual colour formations like blue, ivory and purple. Also variations of light and dark foot. Sadly wasn't willing to post interstate. 

So they're out there. And I'll keep looking and work towards breeding to provide to others once I get some stable colonies together. 

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This is quite an old post and seems to be mainly posts frm Australia! Are you from Australia also? 

Hopefully someone can help you locate what you want, but they will need to know which country you are based in, as not ALL snails are available in ALL countries'

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@JRT i found some at fish and feathers Bendigo today if you’re still interested 

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    • jayc
      It might be easier if you can tell us what substrate you have access to. We could list items that you can't buy or find.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      The substrate I used with some success is not available anywhere. When I retried with the shrimp king substrate it didn't work but I can't be completely sure the substrate was the cause of the failure, but I won't use that one if/when I try again! Here is a link to my usual suppliers active substrates so you can see what is available in the UK. I would recommend you get a different one to the one you have tried, but it probably isn't that that is the problem if it is made specificaly for shrimps and/or plants. Many active substrates require a 'run-in' period of some sort before adding creatures so you will need to bare that in mind - you can probably just do that first part in a bucket?  If unsure you could call ProSchrimp and ask what they use themselves? https://www.pro-shrimp.co.uk/55-active-substrate Usually bleach would be used to clean the tank and anything else in the tank, but obviously you will need to be sure to remove all traces of that before setting the tank up again! If you are going to start again then you should try some different GH+, one specifically made for shrimps, I use the shrimp king as below but there are others like salty shrrimp (pro shrimp seem to be out of stock of these, but you could call them). If it is shrimp specific then it will always be the perfect ph/gh/tds balance when used with RO water! https://www.pro-shrimp.co.uk/shrimp-king/803-shrimp-king-mineral-fluid-double-gh-4001615061413.html Is your taiwan bee tank still doing ok? If so, are the water parameters in the usual range in that tank as you were having something throwing them out in the CRS tank if I recall correctly? If you are getting new shrimp then try from a different source as it may be they were poor quality? ProShrimp do sell them, but if you are resetting the tank best not get new ones for a few months. If the taiwan bee are doing well and the tanks were set up the same then logically it may be the shrimp? https://www.pro-shrimp.co.uk/crystal-bee-shrimp/482-10-crystal-red-bee-shrimp-a-s.html Sorry to hear you are still having problems, I just hope the taiwan bee tank is at least doing ok.
    • herrwibi
      Hi all, Posted a few times with my CRS dying and it hasn't stopped. Tried to do several big slow water changes but no success. Looking to reset the tank and start again . What soil does everyone use and what should i use to clean the glass to make sure i kill anything that's on the glass etc. Potentially looking at Bluebolt's but i'm determined to crack CRS. Thanks. 
    • Subtlefly
      Thanks for the tip!
    • sdlTBfanUK
      A tip for using the glue is dry the wood/rock as much as possible then put a dollop/bead (or 2) of glue where you want to attach the plant on the wood/rock, then hold in situ for a few seconds, all done in a few seconds and no mess! The bead/dollop can be quite large as it dries clear so won't be visible! This is much easier, and less messy than trying to put the glue on the plant.
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