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Nice to see u ,Wayne,

those cross breed is bigger now and come up with 80 % brown unattractive color , 10 % pale yellow and 10 % pale red

i try to use these to cross breed with my original yellow again and see how it goes ~

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    • Blue Ridge
      I wonder why that would be? I'd think an oak is an oak wherever it's growing. Perhaps a result of me leaving them in the sun? It's not a big issue, once they get soaked they become pliable and soft it's just a head scratcher...
    • Blue Ridge
      AFAIK, only crystal reds. FWIW, Rob at Flip imports the vast majority of his stock. Price of success, I suppose. He can't breed them fast enough to meet demand. He's very open about this and a great guy to deal with. But I wouldn't buy Caridina as imports when they can be had (much) cheaper home bred from a hobbyist. Mischlings might be a good way to go, you'll usually get a variety of black and red crystals F1, depending on what they were bred with. And they tend to be a little hardier like tigers, though still more fragile than most Neos.
    • Blue Ridge
      Thank you so much! I was trying to go through the standard settings menu, which is disabled. Fixed now!
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Interesting to get a different perspective from someone who has sold them in the past!  I think we are very lucky in that we are a small country and there are always about 20 people (hobbyists mainly) selling on ebay and when I used to buy that way I never had a single death but they would always arrive in less than 24 hours so barely had time to get too stressed. The 2 recent orders for my new setup bees was from an online specialist and with that I got 1 DOA of the 18 so that's 'acceptable' to me, I think some have died when in the tank subsequently but there is no way of me knowing whether that was the shrimps or the tank as the tank is being a real pain in the ar*e this time for some bizarre reason. Thanks for your views. Simon
    • sdlTBfanUK
      That's a handy tip for getting the leaves to sink otherwise they float for a couple of days! We must be quite lucky here as our leaves don't curl/roll up like the ones in your photos. I guess you can just put some water in a cup and let them soak until they sink as well if you don't like/want them floating in the tank until they sink! Simon