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    • jayc
      Naww. Baby rams so cute! Great camera work Elkwatcher.
    • Elkwatcher
      I've tried numerous times starting with healthy green moss and ended up with mostly dingy brown green bunches.  It's just floating on it's own, tried lower light, lower temps, ferts not that it needs it as it can get it's nutrients from the fish poop.  I'll stick with Subwassertang and Christmas Moss for the shrimps to graze off of!    
    • Elkwatcher
      The Ram bebe's are growing!  There were over 100 to start in the main tank and I turkey basted a baker's dozen into my quarantine tank.  My first egg to fish experience.  I am culling the weakest and hope to get down to 10 as I would like to keep them.  I've read a good ratio is 3 females to 1 male for compatible mates?  I won't find that out until they are almost full grown unfortunately.  Now when they spawn I take the rock and scrape the eggs right into the Giant Danio tank, they seem to like caviar!  😁  When the fry have eaten enough live BBS they get wonderful pink bellies!
    • Elkwatcher
      @Steensj2004 I have older DSLR's.  A Canon 5D and 7DII    The 2 lens I use for Aquarium are 18-55mm and a 100mm macro.  I am still learning. 🙂
    • Steensj2004
      Fantastic pictures! What camera are you using!    
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