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My shrimp set up so far


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Well I might as well show you all a quick run down on the setup I have in the garage. It used to be designated just for fry but the cherrys had taken over.


Above I have on top 3x 2ft, 60ltr tanks. The 2 on the outside are starfire the one in the middle is standard glass. The tub underneath holds 220 -250ltr and is generally my 0.0 -1cm grow out tub. The IBC is holding 800ltrs and is also generally a fry out tub 1 -3cm. The shrimp are on a breeding program spreading from the 2fts into the tubs as they are growing larger and leaving enough shrimplets behind.


This is the first starfire tank. It has slightly acidic water around 6.5. Has a couple hundred cherry shrimplets. filtered with 5ool/ph internal with coral and fine sponge as media. 200l/ph internal W fine sponge and sponge filter on air. The wood is a hollow half stump with a very mature nano anubia, java moss and fern Attached. On the rock behind is a Large ryzome from the smaller berteri anubia that's sprouting back into life.


The middle tank... 2x 2W, 200l/ph internal filters with 1ltr milk bottles filled with Jap mat, Coral and medium sponge. The 3rd milk bottle is run on air with the same type of media. Pipe is run on air and a self design. Coarse sponge holds only the 3 various nano anubia leaving empty cavities between them and promoting vacum past all 3 chambers in theory... in prac it's doing well. There is also jap matt in the upright section. Other plants in the tank are narrow java and the broader fern with plenty of moss and pieces of riccia for the 200 cherry shrimplets and red Ramhorn to clean.


The other starfire tank has the same setup as the last tank using DIY filters. These 2 tanks have a PH of around 8.0 mainly cause that's town waters PH. Plants are needle java fern and Riccia. I have bought all my plants except the undescribed moss from fishchick aquatics cause they're the best aquascape specialist LFS I know... that I always seem to visit everytime I'm in BNE. lol The cherrys are a mix of 2 different bloodlines, males from one and females from the other.

Part 1 of 2


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continuing on...

The 250ltr tub underneath.


Has a crypt who's name slips me. Not looking so good after floating around the IBC for a while... Have sliped it into the egg crate that is lightly wedged inside the tub for easy removal or depth undjustments. It's now actually getting some colour back as it went pale.


the other end of the tub on the crate are the mother BL java fern. There is also around 30x e.yellow and 80x e.blue fry @ 1cm+. medium sponge over the inlet of the 1200l/ph external cainster filled with Jap matt, Coral and medium sponge. Other inhabitants are the remainder of cherrys that are average grade and breeding out for my other system as feeders.


In the IBC I have created a jumbo air filter of around 8ltr volume with 2x 45l/pm mini compressors that amount to 25W total. Media is... you guessed it! medium sponge, coral, japp matt. Have hung coral on a line so it's suspended giving cover and keeping the floor clean. All plants are floated at different depths governed by size and simply suspend on a line tied to suitable pebbles that also help with cleanliness. There is some 150x e.blues and 30x e.yellows currently inhabiting as well as some remaining cherrys. At first I had all the cherrys in here but I swapped them to the tanks after the filter matured. Plants are Barteri (larger version) giant hybrid anubias, some lovely medium sized narrow leaf anubia, the name sounds like affeesi? (tryed to look it up for right spelling but couldn't find it) there is a pair of swords that sit on the bottom, if someone can name them or correct me on any names I'd like to hear back. and a stemmed plant in the corner.


This is where all the good shrimp go. Call it heaven or the vault whatever. The best of the best reside here. 5 females and 3 males from the mixed blood colony. These I will line breed and sell on as well as filter back into the feeder colony. I had completely rebuilt the filtration in it so it will be totally hidden aswell as minimal maintenance.

But that's another story

Cheers f4f

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Great setup and very informative write up. Thank you for sharing and look forward to reading some more. Very healthy looking plants well done.

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no thanks to your cuckoos fishmosy.

Yeah I love anubia and any type of plant that you can attach to rocks.

Mainly cause I have cichlids and other plants don't don't mix cause they're too soft.

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    • krogoo22
      I would add that boiling discourages natural decomposition and would likely break down the antifungals present in the bark, letting the fungus actually grow.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I shall probably just call him bertie as I did the previous 2 I had.
    • jayc
      What nice friends you have! Have you named the new betta yet? 
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I had friends round at the weekend, moving furniture around so now I can see the fish tanks from where I normally sit. The only tank that has been running since I moved has had bloody mary shrimps in it and they are fine. It was my betta tank before, and after moving my friends went out and got me a new betta;- As you can see he is ultra healthy looking (pic is of him in the fish store tank) and he has been very active from the moment he arrived and started a bubble nest within an hour of going into the tank. He is about half the size of a fully grown one! He is a bit bland to look at as just white but I went for him as the tank is quite (understatement) dark and so he is easily visible, even from a distance. Hopefully he won't devour the shrimps (the odd baby shrimp I don't mind) but I will have to see on that issue! All the water parameters seem fine aside frm KH which is 6 as this area has harder water than where I was before, but I will gradually get that down using the filtered water (RO) with GH+ shrimp remineraliser from this point, that has no KH and I will just do it gradually over a loooong period as neither he nor the shrimps seem unhappy as it currently is anyway! Apparently the store he came from also sell blue bolt (and some other taiwan bee type) shrimps etc so I will start thinking about setting that tank up (it is situ next to the betta tank) at some point in the near future, though that will be months away even when I do decide to start, as the substrate needs running-in, and the tank will need to cycle etc. 
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I see the 2 shrimplets, very exciting and the shrimp in the photo look very healthy! The KH is fine at 3 and slowly dropping because of the substrate, but still in the acceptable range. Not sure about your tank size, other than 'nano' but if you have fish in that same tank (I think I see one in the photo blrred and at the back) I would do 25% weekly water changes (mainly because of the fish) and that will help counter the substrate as well, until the substrate is 'exhausted' of its buffering ability. Use the same kh4 new water as currently and always add the new water slowly, a drip method is best. Obviously you will need to be extra careful when removing the old water that you don't remove any of the new shrimplets........ Try not to change too much though as you may do more harm than good and it looks like everything is actually already going well, visible mating behavour and shrimplets doing well. Hope you manage to get rid of the planaria and that usually involves sizeable water changes in the process so complete that first and from then do the 25% regular water change routine. As the population grows you will need to increase the amount of food but be cautious not to overfeed. The bacter AE should help with biofilm growth etc but it isn't actually a food for the shrimps, though you may see them eating some if it isn't dissolved fully. The scuds are harmless and I would (and did in the past) remove them manually when you see them.
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