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    • Chiquarius
      Hello, I’ve recently decided to pivot my Neocaridina aquarium to supporting crystal or bee shrimp; even if it means the neos will be evicted if things don’t go well for them. I don’t want to pay a lot for substrate, nor do I want to do a substrate change or just dump a lot of new substrate in. I do realize I need an active substrate to maintain tank stability as I continue lowering the KH for the bees/crystals. I recently set up a shrimp-safe canister filter to keep the water clean enough for bees/crystals. I had a clever idea. I was going to purchase Akadama and put a significant amount as a substrate at the end of my filter media stack. This way all filtered water will run through the active substrate and hopefully have it’s desired effect on the water conditions. Has anybody heard of putting active substrate in the filtering media?
    • Steensj2004
      Question from a fellow aquarium friend, that I couldn’t answer:   Is Chitinolytic disease treatable with Fishmox( amoxicillin)? He asked me today why I hadn’t tried it, and I said I hadn’t considered it.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Have you even seen a berried shrimp as they may not be mature enough, or as you say they may need brackish water for a larvae stage? I had a hydra problem and used AquaSL Z-1 and it worked so it would be worth trying that if you can get it. It is a natural product so didn't harm anything and you just treat it the once. I did have to do a second treatment but it is easy enough and it is supposed to also work on Planaria! Simon
    • Ludwiggg17
      Hi there Simon Im terribly sorry for this very late reply but yeah i have bought my molly 2 friends for her to be distracted with. The natives are surely getting better cause im starting to notice that some of them are developing these white stripes on their back. But ive had a problem because ive had few to no juvies in the whole time i caught them. I dont know if these kind of shrimp need brackish water or they may simply just be eaten by the molly. Oh and by the way i have this really really annoying planaria infestation in the cull tank which could be an explanation to the lack of juvies but ive no comprehensive evidence of their absence.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      You're doing fine so carry on as you are until you feel the cycle is done. My normal schedule is 10%water change every week however I don't think you need to do any while the cycle is going on until/unless the nitrates or ammonia get too high, or the PH gets too low. The lower the Ph the slower the bacteria reproduce! As you only have 2 shrimps they won't be messing the water enough anyway at this stage, I hope they are still doing well? Can you take a lower resolution photo, or reduce the photo size on a computer? If you want to email it to me I can reduce it for you lavissimon@gmail.com - I had to do it often in the past.. Simon
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