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    • Damien Dyer
      By Damien Dyer
      Hi I signed up awhile back but this is my first post so I hope I'm in the right section. I've been keeping crs/cbs for a couple of years now, starting with a dozen and now have approx 200. I have a large 200lt tank and use fluval stratum. My parameters have always been pretty steady, tds 130-150,  ph 6.7-6.8, GH 3-4 and KH 1-2 and have had great sucess but over the last few months my KH is reading zero and the PH has gone from 6.8 to 5.9!! All shrimp are still doing well and no noticeable deaths but the ph drop is concerning. Is this directly related to zero KH? (No buffering) Any advice on the cause and any action that I should take would be very much appreciated. Thank you 
    • macjeff
      By macjeff
      I have had a 20 gallon RCS tank for 3 years now.  I have moss balls and some JAVA moss, drift wood, and mineral rocks.
      Only RCS in the tank and some soft shell snails I have in there I breed for my fresh water puffer fish in another tank,.
      My issue is that the shrimp live 1-2 years and they breed just fine but I never see babies.  I see plenty of eggs but never babies.  (Well 1 or 2 a month maybe but they disappear)
      The adults keep going just fine until they die off of old age or something else.
      I keep about 100 shrimp in the tank and have to replenish 50 every 6 months about.
      Water Temp I keep about neutral. 
      PH- 7- 7.2
      I use distilled water or sometimes Reverse Osmosis water because our tap water goes through a water softener which puts a LOT of salt in it which makes TDS very high so I try not to use tap water at all.   
      I feed every 2 days with Azoo or other good food and not much.  Its all gone by the time I feed again.
      I do add some powder food for the babies and a shrimp bacteria powder (just started that about 6 months ago but has not helped or hurt)
      Someone told me due to the distilled water my issue is LOW TDS.  So I bought TWO different meters.  I tested the distilled water and its about zero which is correct.  I then tested my water and its about 700.   I do top offs and just did a 20% water change last weekend with distilled water.
      So is that the issue?  Should I pull out the mineral rocks?
      I am thinking tonight to take about 8 gallons of water and drain the tank down about 40% and then fill with the distilled water.   I can repeat the process in a week and once I get the TDS under 150 I can add a little shrimp mineral to get it to the 200 range.   The reason I am saying that is the TDS could be bad TDS and not the minerals they needs.  I ordered some Salty Shrimp Mineral which I heard was good.
      Should I just give up?
    • NoGi
      By NoGi
      One of our sponsors, @Filter Systems Australia are seeking an expression of interest regarding a range of filter media they are considering carrying. If interested post here. Current prices are as follows:
      Mafian Stone: $15/Kg Tourmaline: $25/Kg Neg ion: $30/Kg FAR : $25/Kg But this will change (go lower) subject to demand and our SKF discount.

    • NoGi
      By NoGi
      Source: http://www.fsahome.org/uploads/4/8/5/9/4859831/gt1-70_di_brochure.pdf
    • NoGi
      By NoGi
      Source: http://www.fsahome.org/uploads/4/8/5/9/4859831/gt1-70_di_brochure.pdf

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    • sdlTBfanUK
      I haven't had a problem using the chi ebi WHEN I had baby shrimps but not got back to that stage yet (I am still using it a bit even with no  babbies) as we are approaching the end of winter! I'm not sure how you get clumps of it if it's a powder, I use a tooth pick (or similar) dipped about 5mm into tank water, quickly dip it into the powder, knock excess off and then swirl it round the tank. Now I do have assassin snails in the tanks as well so they may get any bits that the shrimp don't! I haven't used the glasgarten myself, though I had it on my 'to try' list, but as long as you don't use too much! It is more difficult though the larger the tank, as the shrimplets need to find the food and don't move far when very young. I wanted to try bee pollen but haven't yet got back to that point yet and I haven't found it easy to get here? I would imagine the spiulina would be fine, I use that to feed daphnia when I have them, but again I use the same way of adding it to the tank. There may be no need for additional food though if you have plenty of biofilm as that must be what they naturally eat so lots of leaves are a good platform for that and you are already using the bacter ae! Simon
    • DreamBlueVelvet
      Haha thanks, I actually do it as a hobby so I have some pretty expensive equipment. Yes, that’s what I was thinking, maybe because it’s pink that it’s so noticeable
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Wow, you should be a professional photographer??? That all looks good to me and is the hair I mentioned, maybe they sieve stuff through those hairs? Simon
    • DreamBlueVelvet
      One of my males eating a fish food flake, the furry under the nose is the same color as the flake And a female
    • beanbag
      Is there such a thing as a powdered food that you can spread all over the tank, but also won't go bad if it falls into a crack or below the substrate? For example, the Glas Garten Shrimp Baby food, which is high in protein, does go bad and pollute the water.  (I think I killed off a bunch of shrimp due to uneaten pieces of it sitting around).  I also did a test where I just put it along with some tank water in a test tube and it went stinky and moldy within a few days. Bacter AE seems to be ok, since the clumps are bacteria that go live. Probably dried mulberry pellets should also be ok, since it should be safe to have plant matter decay? How about bee pollen?  Or maybe the algae powders like Spirulina or chlorella?
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