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can this setup work for shrimp?

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Hey guys, 

I have a tank with removable dividers that was used to breed fish, and I was wondering if I can use it to keep shrimp.

The tank is 900mm x 300mm x 450mm, so each of the 3 sections would be 300x300x450 high. 

The dividers are in acrylic with 30 openings (80mm x 1.5mm). I hope these openings will allow a good water flow while keeping the shrimp from moving between sections.

Worst case scenario I might have to get new dividers, like I have seen in this forum with holes filled with sponge for better flow?

Looking at using Ada substrate and filter sponge on each section.  






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looks alright without seeing the grooves upclose if its the one i am thinking of you may find shrimplets will get through the holes :)

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Apart from the dividers (probably need finer mesh), but the tank itself will work.

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Yes it will work.

The dividers will definitely let shrimplets through....so youll need a solution for that if you want to keep different species/varieties .

A cheap source of suitable mesh is the splatter screens sold at ikea .....just cut them up.

otherwise you could use thick foam sold at most fish stores as dividers.

If you're using sponge filters (and no canister filter or chiller) in each section there is no need for water flow between the dividers so you could just use a solid partition.

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Thanks for all the replies! It's very exciting to finally be starting this project.

I like the idea of the water flowing between section , so I'll check out the Ikea splatter screens.

I'm a bit worried that once i start putting mesh, screens or foam, the flow will be near to nothing, but I guess I'll have to try and see :)


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