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The other week on a whim I happened to go out to my local pat shop which I usually never bother with, and saw a fish that was love at first sight. I went from never having known about this fish to have to have and then owning in a matter of minutes. Which fish could make me fall instantly in love you ask? The rather beautiful Dwarf Neon Rainbow, not an Aussie rainbow but lovely and relatively small. The shop only had 6 and where selling them at around $13.95 each,  knew I would probably never see them again locally so I got the 6 there and then.

The fish came home and settled in nicely with the two remaining pygmy rainbows I still had and some threadfin rainbows, even though the fish all got along fine they all still remained rather skittish and I determined that some more dwarf neon rainbows might be needed. I checked out other local pet shops, even ones in another town but nobody actually had any of these rainbows, in fact hunting down almost any native is nigh on impossible. Enter Livefish, I forget what I was originally looking on there for but on the off chance decided to see what rainbows they had in stock. To my amazed delight not only did they have Dwarf Neon Rainbows in stock but also had them on a special too good to pass up, 5 for $5.99 each. Who could ever resist that sort of a deal? Well not me that's for sure, so I quickly ordered 10.

The new 10 have since arrived and all 16 are shoaling together nicely zooming from one end of the 4ft to the other in and out of the plants with I guess fishy glee. My next aim will be to see if I can breed them and keep a colony of them going much like my spotted blue eyes and peppered corydoras. Apparently the Dwarf Neon Rainbows I got are pond bred and I am guessing that means pond bred outside near Childers so I may even be able to keep these PNG tropical outdoors in my 1000L pond.




And the usual blue blurr I get when trying to catch their breath taking shimmering colour


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I used to have some of these as well.

Light the tank up from the side, and you can capture some amazing colours of the rainbow, if they stay still long enough.

Gotta get those camera settings just right for fast moving subjects.

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I just did a water change on them, they seemed to revel in the water bubbling into the tank from the hose and had a great time zooming in and out of the incoming water and when bored going back to the more sheltered end of the tank. I will see if I can get some good whole tank pictures once they have settled down again.

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1 hour ago, Baccus said:

I will see if I can get some good whole tank pictures 

Yes please.

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Nice. These were the fish I got my grandmother for her aquarium. She has had them now for years and years, which must mean they are really hardy! Nothing else seems to last long in her tank! 

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Not the best pictures I find I always have problems either fitting the length and depth of the tank to the camera frame while still being close enough to actually see the fish in the tank. Also reflections, especially since for one of these photos I had the shed door open to try get some natural light into the shed and highlight the fish more than just the over head tank light.

The other tank inhabitants you probably wont pick out in the photos are the Borneo Suckers, most of the corydoras, and riffle shrimp.




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    • sdlTBfanUK
      I have just done the planned weekly maintenance and 10% water change and everything 'seems' to be going very well, I saw 12 blue and 9 panda shrimps so am very happy about that as there are always some hiding (and they are small) so there must be more than that at this point. Early days yet (especially with the off parameters) with the blues only been in the tank for a week and the pandas for 2 weeks. Not seen any dead ones yet and the shrimp seem happy enough and beautiful colour and pattern, all small so must be young! Parameters were TDS 159, GH 7-8, KH 1-2, PH 7 yesterday so still a bit off the usual ideal! Hopefully these figures come down slowly in time, I used pure RO water for the water change so Tds should drop 10. I will get a different PH test kit with a narrower range/increments as the one I have measures in .5 increments over a wide range which is probably a bit much. I bought these shrimp because the sellers parameters (PH 6.8) were the closest to mine so hopefully it will work out long term. I changed my zerowater filter as well, as the old one was measuring TDS 6 so passed its best. I will definitely overnight drip acclimate shrimp in the future, not that I plan any more in the forseeable future. I will add/edit photo when available, hopefully later today.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      All done now, I drip acclimated 11 blue bolts and 6 blue steel overnight and they are now in the tank so now is just wait and see if this works. 28 shrimps have now been put in and I have yet to SEE a dead one so fingers crossed! A couple of pictures of some below; I don't plan on buying any more shrimp so plan this to be a blue shrimp tank, though if it doesn't work out I have seen some female bettas I would like, but hopefully the shrimps will work out. The water parameters are still the same as before, so a bit off! I need to sort out what foods and shrimp stuff I have in the drawers and cupboard tomorrow as it's been a while, hopefully I find a shrimp lolly so I can give them one/part of those tomorrow, and it may bring as many of the shrimps out as possible.  Fingers crossed everyone...........  
    • NoGi
    • jayc
      LoL. Just look back at old posts on the forum.  
    • NoGi
      New, when i left i shut down everything. This is my first tank back. I've forgotten so much lol
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