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Multiple Shrimp Tank Set Up Advise

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Im wanting to set up my first shrimp specific tanks and need some advise and recommendations

I only want to keep cherry shrimp but a fair few different colour varieties so want either a large divided tank or multiple nano tanks and ideally id like to run sponge filters all off one air pump

So here are my questions:

1. Is individual nano tanks or large divided tank better? 

2. If large divided- is glass or mesh better for actual dividers?

3. Whats the best options for heating for both nano and circulation of heat in a divided tank?

4. Do i need shrimp specific substrate for cherry shrimp? My tap PH is 7.8 and RCS seem fine with that in my community tank

5. Will separate sponge filters for each divided section/tank be enough filtration and oxygen or will i need something better?

6. What sort of air pump capacity will i need if im using gang valves to split? Do i go by total litres of all volume or even more than that?

7. Whats the smallest tank size i can go for a small colony- not looking to mass bread and dont have much space.

8. What are the better plants (specifically moss & small ferns etc) for low light?

Id really appreciate some advice and specific product ideas if you have anything you recommend because i want to do this right and im going to take the time for due diligence- ive attached photos of some ideas i like so far

 aquael shrimpsetsmart.jpg



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Each way has its own positive points, individual tanks are good to help contain issues like diseases or other issues like that. But larger bodies of water are more stable and things happen slower than in smaller bodies of water so having mesh to allow water to pass though can be a great thing. It’s really going to come down to what suits you and your space better?


Heating, I have no idea I didn’t heat my tanks until I got my chiller/ heater and is run though the sump so that’s no help to you.


Cherries will be fine with an inert substrate.


Filtration depends of stocking capacity but sponges should be fine.


The size pump depends on how many sponges or stone it will need to run. So work that out and go from there.


Tank size depending on if you go with Nano style tanks or one bigger tank divided but I’ve had success with tanks as small as 35L


All moss do well in low light, bucephalanra, anubias, crypts can also do well in low light tanks


At the end of the day it comes down to you, your budget and available space.   

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Buck has pretty much summed it up, but here are some of my thoughts...


There are Pros and Cons of each method- one large tank divided or individual nano tanks.

It really is up to your preference and future plans, and budget.

I like individual tanks personally since I keep Cherries and CRS/CBS, which have different water parameter requirements. That way one tank can be tailored to cherries, and another tank can be tailored to CRS, and yet another tank can be tailored specifically to tigers. I also like the idea that any outbreak in disease is contained to the one tank only.

But there doesn't seem to be a right way or wrong way, nor even one that might be significantly better than the other. Both methods can work, as proven by many people.

As for filtration - if you choose the 'one large tank divided into sections' route, then add a canister filter. Overfiltration is never a bad thing, especially in small nano tanks where you don't have as much volume of water.

Heating is not too critical in Sydney. If you have one tank divided, then one heater will be sufficient near the outlet of that canister mentioned above. The heated water will be pushed to the other sections. Any brand of heater will be sufficient, as long as you trust the brand. 

As mentioned heating is not too critical, however it is the heat of summer that is the bigger issue. My cherries in my garage survives our Sydney winter. You will need to look into chilling eventually. One chiller to chill one tank is already expensive. Let alone 2, 3, 4 or 5 tanks. This is the point where it becomes the deciding factor for many shrimp keepers. Buy one chiller to chill a larger tank divided into several sections is going to cost less than buying several chillers to chill many tanks. Considering chillers can cost $400+ each, it becomes a no brainer.

Lastly my thoughts on substrate. As mentioned by Buck, inert substrate is fine for cherries. But at pH7.8 water, it doesn't hurt to use a little plant substrate to reduce that to a more neutral pH7.0. You probably only need a very thin layer to reduce the pH from 7.8.

The best substrates (that we can easily get in Aus) to use would be Cal Labs Black Earth Premium, Benibachi soil, or ADA Amazonia. Proper cycling of the new tank with these substrates need to be observed.


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      Hi team,
      So I am really excited by the unreal shallow aquscaped tanks that I see online and I love the idea of keeping shrimp.  I have some native red nosed shrimp breeding in a pond outside but really want to put some red or blue cherry shrimp in an aquascape where I can see them do their thing.  

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      Tell me more oh great SKFians! 😁
      (or feel free to point me towards an already existing page)
      post-note: have you/do you keep these grubs? Seems like your sort of thing.
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    • Subtlefly
      Ok thanks all, sdlTBfanUK I ended up buying the zero water 23 cup filter with the free TDS meter.  I will test my watertank water and hopefully be using this (at the moment we only really use this on the garden), but now I have an emergency source of water for the aquarium in case we have an extended dry period.  I got a couple of extra filters so this should do fine for me in an emergency.  Maybe when we renovate the kitchen at some time in the future I will look into a legit RO system. Thanks for all of your help team! sub
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      The Brita filters "reduce" but doesn't completely remove chlorine, and other minerals.  Its okay for drinking but still lacking for aquariums.  multi stage cartridge undersink filters are also designed for human consumption, and one of the stages is to add alkalinity back into the water, since drinking water below pH 7.0 will be bad for your teeth. You want to look for an RO filter that gives you the option of turning on/off this alkalinity stage if you want a system that is both for an aquarium and for human consumption. Check out Filters System Australia https://www.filtersystemsaustralia.com.au/reverse-osmosis-water-filter/aquarium-systems.html. Ring them and talk to them if you can't find exactly what you want. They are very helpful.
    • andrew.huang083
      Hey guys, ive being think about this for a while, but BICON makes it seem so difficult and confusing to import freshwater plants from other countries into Australia. Has anyone done this before and know all the nooks and crannies? Im also not too sure about import permit costs, and the inspections and how they work. Could anyone show me a simple step by step guide to importing aquatic plants? thanks 
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I tried Brita JUG (and still  have it) but it didn't work for the shrimp (It did reduce TDS but not much), though I was keeping Caridina shrimp. I would say don't bother wasting tme with other makes as you don't really know what they remove so just get the zerowater and you know it produces RO equivalent water and removes probably ALL things bad for shrimps. It is meant for human consumption but I am not convinced such pure water is ideal for humans except for hydration during excercise maybe?? As you plan to keep cherry shrimp you could try it but I would try just a few shrimp in a bowl for a few days to a week first. If the brita doesn't filter out something like copper (? just an example) or other toxic to shrimp things then you don't want to have contaminated the soil/tank etc. It may even be a better idea to get both, the brita for personal use and the zerowater just for the tank, https://www.amazon.com.au/ZeroWater-10-Cup-Pitcher-Filtration-System/dp/B0073PZ6O0 I just found this when I did a search for 'zerowater australia' that will show you the difference, just look at the 'which water filter is best?' page: https://www.yourbestdigs.com/reviews/zerowater-vs-brita/#which-is-best  Simon
    • Subtlefly
      So you can do it just through fine filtration? How would zero water co compare to something like this or even multi stage cartridge undersink filter you think? https://www.bunnings.com.au/brita-filtered-water-tap_p5090423 I am trying to figure out what is best for human drinking as well as fishtank but maybe this is two different things? thanks for your wisdom, have a great day sub  
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