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Help - mysterious death

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Hi guys,

Please help! I'm encountering some CRS death over few weeks in one of my tanks. I just scoop one this morning (photo 2) and it was very pale.

Tank uses benibachi soil and RO. Put AIL and alder cones.

pH:6.3; Temp: 23C; gH:7; kH: 0, ammonia: 0; nitrite: 15ppm, TDS:125

I feed glasgarten bacter AE, glasgarten immunoglutan, shrimpydaddy's sinewy, shirakura and benibachi baby food

Symptom I observed that they show translucent body (photo 1, the middle one) - is this a disease or malnutrition?

Occasionally I blanch some green vegie to them - could pesticide kill them even after thorough clean and blanch?

Thing that puzzle me I have another tank (I keep carbon rili mix with CRS) that have same configuration as the tank where I get dead CRS but have no casualty over months.

Please some input and advice



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1 hour ago, albash said:

nitrite: 15ppm,

Nitrite 15ppm ?

Is this Nitrite or Nitrate?


If it's nitrite, then that's your problem. 

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It's nitrate Jayc.

Do you think Purigen would be a suspect too?

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i have almost zero experience with bee shrimp but it looks more likely to be a bacterial infection. im 99% sure it is not malnutrition.

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Mine went translucent when they were stressed.

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