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    • Crabclaw
      By Crabclaw
      Hey guys, I’m going away for a few weeks and having a neighbour take care of my tank, as they are already gonna be caring for my cat during that period. I’ll be away for 2 and a half weeks, so not a huge amount of time, but the neighbour doesn’t have any experience with fish or shrimp tank maintenance.
      The tank will be fine without a water change during that time as long as I do one before I leave, I know that, but my 2 main problems are feeding and stopping my intake sponge from clogging up.
      For feeding I was considering getting a couple of pill boxes, like the ones that have seperate compartments for each day of the week, so I can set a certain amount for each day, and which foods.
      But for the intake sponge, I’m pretty stumped. My current intake is a sponge filter connected to the intake pipe, but it’s been clogging up once or twice a week due to how fine it is (and how messy my fish are). When it’s clogged, it puts strain on the canister filter’s motor, and that’s not good. I don’t trust her with cleaning it safely, plus I’m only paying her for 5 mins in the morning, and 5 at night. I’ve considered a mesh intake, but it looks like it could hurt a fish if it went past it quickly... plus I can’t check the size of the inside where the pipe could go as the only one I’ve found would have to be posted.
      Are there easy alternatives that I wouldn’t have to mod, or do intake sponges come in courser versions? (I haven’t checked).
      Any input would be appreciated!
    • edishrimp
      By edishrimp
      Hey guys!
      Just wondering if any of ya'll have experience keeping filter feeder shrimp? They're fairly common here although most of the LFS tend to stock lethargic specimens that seem to be on their last legs 😕 Just need some advice on how to spot and pick out healthy specimens for my community tank 😄  
      Also, anyone know where I could find the less common wood shrimp on steroids? Let me know 🙂 
      Common Wood Shrimp

      Wood Shrimp's Buff Cousin, Vampire Shrimp

    • waffle
      By waffle
      Hey folks, can anyone recommend an effective, silent corner filter for a 33cm cube tank?
      Cheers ?
      This is looking like a good candidate at the moment: http://www.thetechden.com.au/Aquael_Pat_Mini_Filter_for_tanks_10_80_liters_p/111605.ht
    • revolutionhope
      By revolutionhope
      Hi folks,
      i have received some beautiful CRS from heavyD today and i have a situation with the current being too fast for the shrimp to swim very well in. I have the spraybar just below the surface and angled slightly up for maximum oxygenation but it still seems to be a little fast at the lower level of the tank, i can see moss swaying around and the shrimps being blown across somewhat when they try to swim. There is quite a "whirlpool" effect happening.
      Aside from replacing the canister with a smaller one; how does one go about lessening the current inside the tank? I thought of 2 solutions but I don't know how wellthey will do or exactly how to implement them -
      1)I could make more holes or make the holes larger in the spraybar?
      2) cover it with a stocking or sponge or something to slow down the water as it shoots out the holes in the spraybar.
      love n peace
    • GotCrabs
      By GotCrabs
      G'Day all, I have an Eheim 2213 Canister filter, API Bio Chem Zorb, API Nitra Zorb, just wondering what goes where as this will be the first time using Nitra Zorb.
      From bottom up, it goes Blue Course Sponge (3 or 4 depending on room), then White Filter Pad (1), then Carbon Pad (1), do I then place the Bio Chem Zorb on or the Nitra Zorb? Or do they go in different sections in the filter?
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    • Perry
      G'day jayc, Many thank for your informative reply. I have looked on eBay and found this Macro Plant Fertilizer.  Would you recommend this if not could you tell me another you would suggest I purchase. Cheers Perry
    • jayc
      Hey Sonny, please don't take my post the wrong way. There was no need to apologise. We all start somewhere and we learn along the way. Sometimes it's a trial and error. I was just trying to share some knowledge with tank cycling so that you didn't need to go through trial and error learning.  Rather than following youtube blindly with 2 water changes a week, you now know exactly when you need to do water changes. Your specific tank might only need one water change a week while cycling. Or if pH drops too low, it might need more than that. But you are now armed with that info.  
    • jayc
      It's a moss of some variety, but it's not easy identifying what type of moss when it's all bunched up like that. Java Moss is the most common, so if I was to guess, that's what it is. Moss will grow any where. You can just drop it onto the bottom of the tank, anchor it to a drift wood or rock, or wedge it between ornaments so it doesn't float around.   Not quite sure what the other plant is. It could be an Amazon Echinodorus Bleheri sword or a Cryptocoryne Wendtii. The one with brown/yellow spots is a very unhealthy specimen due to nutrient deficiency. If you set up the new tank and let it run with no livestock in it, you can treat the plants with lots of light and Macro fertilisers.  The old leaves cannot be saved, but new leaves should be green again. Look for aquarium fertilisers that are labelled Macro or contain Potassium and Phosphate. A fert with Iron and trace elements won't hurt either. An All-In-One fertiliser should have Potassium, Phosphate, Iron and trace elements, so look out for that. Just make sure you change out the water before adding any shrimps in. We don't want to add shrimps into a tank that has too much ferts, as that will have a wildly different water parameter that the shrimps prefer.
    • jayc
      That will be fine, as long as the hose they provide is long enough.
    • jayc
      Yes. The bacteria will be reduced to suit the load of the tank. Likewise it will increase if there is more inhabitants. But this process is not instantaneous of course. That's why you don't add a huge amount of new tank inhabitants in one go.  
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