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Foxpuppet's Benibachi Breeding tank


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Ok so this is where i will post updates from my new breeding tank, i'll edit this later but basically its an old 4ft that was being chucked out by one of my LFS.

It has now been cleaned up, sealed the bulkhead drilled holes, cycled, divided into 3 with stainless mesh, shrimp added, hardscaped and now adding new stock.

Size - 180-200 ish Litres


Filtration - Totto Filter, MBF, Eheim 2213 with pre filter, 600LPH Hob.

Heater - aqua one 200W and Jager 50w

Lighting - 2x54w hagen glo t5

Cooling - hailea 150 chiller

Substrate - 3x5kg bag of Beni Bachi Black Fulvic Soil (normal) with benibachi mineral powder laid under substrate.

Hardscape - Driftwood, ceramics

Plants -

Bolbitis Fern

Peacock moss

US fissidens

Native north coast Fissidens (lismore)

Shrimp -

neocaridina heteropoda . Var Red Rilli

My own Painted Fire Red



hopefully KK & WR one day!

water parameters

PH - 6.2

Gh - 5-6Ëš

KH - 1Ëš

Temp - 20Ëšc

TDS - ?

dsc1684p.jpg First Stage divider

dsc1686w.jpg Second Stage Divider

dsc1834x.jpg north coast fissiden

dsc1668l.jpg Rilli Female (lost Male just when she is saddled)

dsc1681x.jpg nice C-Grade

dsc1840l.jpg B-grade

dsc1846.jpg new shrimp courtesy of 2Toned

dsc1806x.jpg new s-grade from 2Toned

dsc1809h.jpg freebie from 2Toned

dsc1812y.jpg the main attraction

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Very nice Banjo, i love the intensity of the reddness of the red rilli. Hopefully her offspring turn out similar or better than her then you will have some nice rilli's going.

Also the c grade dont look to bad, maybe you could try some line breeding or selective breeding to make the colour filled in more so you have a almost red shrimp with only afew white bands???


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thanks mate some more pics to come from my phone!

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1st stage divider

img4397q.jpgsecond stage divider

img4401ra.jpgthings were a bit of a mess

img4433xg.jpgbuilt a shelf for my water top up drum.

tidied things up a little

my little white board for recording important things

hung my light

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some of the shrimp soon to be sold

img4443ur.jpgrilli female

img4457dw.jpgnew stock from 2Toned

img4458tt.jpgsss adult male

img4465gz.jpgsome of the stock to be sold

img4464k.jpgand again

http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/2766/file10375i.mp4 keeping a marimo round (video is upside down for some reason)

http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/5791/file10375.mp4 tank running again upside down (this keeps happening with iPhone video)

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It's coming along very nicely mate. You have some beautiful shrimp in there.

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  • 2 weeks later...

thanks to loach and his brilliance with the photobucket for iphone app... i can now easily share some sweet pics and vids from said iphone to you ;)

here is my tank in all it's dodgy garage glory ;)


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No worries Banjo! The iphone app is pretty sweet. I have it for my ipad. The shrimp and mosses are looking very healthy.

PS, have you added me on xbox live yet?

LOL at the marimo, Superfun for shrimp!

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hey fox cool setup. what is the square porus thing leaning on the left wall of the tank?

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hey fox cool setup. what is the square porus thing leaning on the left wall of the tank?

i got some blocks of marine pure and put them in.

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Awesome setup!! Would love to get a tank started up like this one day.

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  • 2 months later...

a few changes have happened to this tank which i will update over the next few days... but i though i would post my number 1 male ;) hopefully he can get through the recent death spate i am having (UV steriliser enroute)

dsc5573a.jpgdsc5191m.jpg some lismore moss coming along nicely (still sorting it all out)

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thanks Loach and Dean... got a new lens for my d90 and it's allowing me to get some nice pics, a cheap nikon 35mm f1.8G but it's so sharp!!!

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So my tank has had a friendly little visit from a possum that has decided to use it as a toilet, 2 mornings now I have found little pellets floating on the water :( so I got all handy and got some Perspex and cut it for lids... Something I should have done a LONG time ago



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do you think the possum could be the cause of the deaths??

Very low probability, as I was sustaining losses in the tank inside after mixing shrimp from both tanks. My suspicion is on the bacterial infections known to cause deaths and even wipe out populations when mixing shrimp from different tanks/breeders. The UV is running well at the moment with minimal losses over the past week it's been running. Just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I can turn the corner.

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Fingers crossed mate that you don't have too many ore losses. Great looking you have. Very nice shot.

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some new pics... had some time to give the 35mm a work out today. all hand held no flash ISO 800

dsc6924w.jpg Mosura Portrait

dsc6931v.jpg lismore Fissidens seems tasty

dsc6942u.jpg feeding time

dsc6943z.jpg dark patch on CRS ???

dsc6946r.jpg old man Mosura

dsc6952q.jpg getting acquainted with new home

dsc6905.jpg pinto.... nope just a C grade CRS

dsc6902y.jpg my current best shrimplet just released from holding after stripping down the old 36L

dsc6876v.jpg the mystery shrimps now in the big tank

dsc6844.jpg enjoying some string algae in the US fissidens

dsc6784i.jpg my rilli dropped her first batch

dsc6781.jpg one of the rilli shrimplets, i have seen about 8 so far.

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    • sdlTBfanUK
      Time for another update! The PH this morning is 6 and KH 0-1 (you can't measure zero obviously). I plan to check everything tomorrow and then a water change on satuday. At the moment the TDS is 190 which should drop to 170 after a water change and then 150ish after the following/next weeks water change. Last time I checked GH it was 6, but again I will do ALL the tests tomorrow. I had to resort to using a PH/KH- product (AQUACID) to get to where these parameters are now but as the water I use has PH6, GH0 and KH0 I assume/hope I won't need to use that from here on, but will see if the parameters stay stable for the next week and have a PH alert disc in the tank which should indicate any significant change. I don't like using these sort of products as a general rule and wouldn't if there were any shrimps in situ and that product has raised the TDS at about .5TDS per drop. I may well order some blue bolts towards the end of next week (the road to the house will be closed for a month from 3rd June so it is next week or wait another 6 weeks) and see how that goes. I plan to drip acclimate them overnight this time so as to not rush that as it shouldn't get cold indoors overnight anyway this time of year. This all depends on the tank parameters staying stable for the next week (aside from the mentioned TDS adjustments with the water changes), though the GH  may drop a tiny bit with using just RO to reduce the TDS but that is fine, and even could be a bonus. I did manage to find some nice floating plant that I had before (good old ebay), and will try and get a photo of that at some point to attach, Azolla red I think it is called? Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed for now but all appears to be going well at this point! Snails seem to be doing well at least.   
    • beanbag
      That shrimp itself survived the molt just fine, but left about half dozen eggs still in the shell. I haven't measured KH in a really long time, but assume it is zero since I don't have any rocks besides a few small pieces of lava rock.  Maybe you have unwanted rocks in your tank?  My tank is the "long" style which I really like because I have a HMF on one end, and a pump outlet spout that shoots water all the way to the other end.  I have no idea how many shimp it can support because I don't really understand waste management in a tank.  Shrimp poop eventually turns into mulm, but then what?
    • sdlTBfanUK
      As at time of this post the SL Aqua is available from this UK website, https://gbeeshrimp.co.uk/product/z1/
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Just in case someone may be looking for the SL Aqua it is available from this UK website at time of this post, https://gbeeshrimp.co.uk/product/z1/  
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Thats a great photo, beautiful blue bolt, I hope it survived the molt without dropping the eggs! I think I can just about see some black dots (eyes) on the central egg but can't be 100% sure. I used to (and plan to again) do weekly water change of 10-15% but if you do too large or quick (not drip in new water) that would likely trigger a molt. What KH are they in, my new setup is sitting at (and refusing to budge) KH 3 and PH 7.5 so I may have to settle for neocaridina shrimp this time as opposed to the caridina I want, though not looking/deciding just yet, give the tank a bit more of a run in! Tap water here starts at kH 14, tds 320, when filtered goes to KH 0 and PH 6 but when put in the tank keeps going to KH3 and PH 7.5 despite 3 x 50% water changes???? You may be at 'maximum capacity' with only 20L tank especially if the tank is a cube type rather than shallow type?
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