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Newbreed Rack 2.0


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So, it's been a long time coming but Rack 2.0 is almost ready to roll.

The original eight 40cm cubes were picked up in April this year. Made by Justin at Subscape Aquarium.

Each cube came with cover glass and one hole pre-drilled.




So I once again went with the Rack-it system from Bunnings.

900mm beams, three 40cm uprights.



Also spent my time gathering the plumbing fittings and accessories. Was easier getting small amounts staggered over weeks than at one time. Was easier to stretch the dollars this way.


I used 20mm PVC as a return, and then T-pieces with a 20mm Tap attached.

20mm Hose was used from here.





As Squiggle has suggested many times, I replaced the mdf shelves suggested with a 18mm Marine Ply. I had the pre-cut at Bunnings as I am rubbish at measuring and cutting.

Underneath each shelf I used structural pine 90x35mm pieces cut to length. They slot into the brackets relatively easily (with the help of a rubber mallet) and provide direct support for the tanks, as well as providing a space to attached hooks for lights, hoses, cords, etc.


Again, staggered picking up different essentials along the way.

Foam (and structural pine)




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The reason for only one hole being drilled in the tanks is that I decided to make my own rainbars from hose as inflow. The drilled hole would be for outflow only.

Rainbar (Holes drilled in main bar section. Have since used metal hose clamps to secure at joints for higher pressure flow)


The out flow, I have used a stainless steel filter guard on the bulk head directly. Just to ensure no shrimplets decide to relocate to the sump. To connect securely, I wound heaps of Teflon tape on the end and then screwed into place, it formed its own thread this way. It is the long version (14cm long) so a great surface area for water to escape.


These then connect to a T-Piece with a 20mm threaded nipple for hose to attach to.



My main reason for using clear hosing so much in this setup is that we may be relocating in the near future. This setup will be easy to disconnect and reconnect at the other end, should relocating become a reality. (thinking acres while the prices are good!! :) )

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I needed to attach hooks to my structural pine supports. I am just using cheapies from the local supermarket, they don't need to hold a lot of weight.



To predrill holes I have just used a nail cut down as a drill bit. Only required a small hole.


I measured and marked positions then drilled. (you may see pen marks everywhere, lol)


I am not too technical. I have used cable ties to hold many items in place in this setup. Easy to add and easy to cut to remove.

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For lighting I have decided to run with the Up Aqua U series (Planted) 3fts. I have been really pleased with their output on other systems. I currently only have two on hand but thankfully will have the others by the end of the coming week. :)up-aqua-u-series-p.thumb.jpg.d05a771d394

I have gone for the same sump type as last time. First section for K1, then flowing into second chamber with filter pad, Marine Pure spheres, Bakki Balls, Purigen and Polyfilter once established. I had the sump custom built for me this time.


I will be using a 300W Aquael Gold Heater and a 200W Petworx Heater.

Return pump I have gone with a Tunze again as I have been pleased with the consistent operation of current one.

Sump1.thumb.jpg.ccff690065c0398f52457638I added an airstone in the K1 section for addition water movement, this way it keeps moving even when the return pump is disabled.



I let the system run at 27 degrees for two weeks and have only just added some cycled K1 and Marine pure from other sump.

I added two new marine pure spheres, the difference in colour is kinda startling.



In this last image I have just added the chiller, we are having a premature heatwave in Victoria this weekend so wanted to get it ready. The green tubing is the chiller. I run the chiller separate to main return and just chill the sump. This way return flow to the tanks is gradual cooling and it also makes it easier to add and remove from the system without affecting everything else. Seems to work well on current rack?!?


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Next is the soil. I have gone with the Shirakura Red bee Sand. I had to test it out.


It buffers to 6.5. I will be probably adding cherries and tigers in these tanks to (maybe some cross breeding fun).

Before adding the substrate, I sprinkle Benibachi Bee Max (the last of what I had), Mineral Powder and Boss Booster.


I then added the substrate.


I added water to just cover the substrate for the first two days, to let the bacteria settle throughout the soil layer.



I then filled them up. I use the old soils bags floating on the surface of the water, to avoid stirring up the substrate in the process.

At this stage I added the Salty Shrimp GH+ to get the TDS up to 135.


I then added the Ebi-line feeding bowls. I have set the soil so the tube is just above water line for easier feeding.



I had also added BioSpon filters. I removed the mineral balls they come with and replaced with bakki balls. I have adjusted the outflows to be above waterline to increase surface agitation.


I have also moved some of the moss ledges in before any algae develops on the glass.


I have also added to each tank the following:

Minerals balls x 2

Benibachi Mineral Rock

Indian almond Leaves

Alder Cones

and also some Benibachi Fulvic Grain just as an additional buffer.


So after a few tweaks to get water flow even and to make sure no further leaks have been occurring, I felt I wanted to finish this off better than the previous rack. Again, inspired by the original Bossman (Dean). I have used Black corflute from Bunnings and cut to size, attached with Velcro for easy removal.

Has had the desired effect, even though not cut too neatly.

From this:


To this:


I have two tanks on bottom right hand side that are going to run separate from the sumped system. These are going to be fille din the next week and will be udated soon..


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Forgot to mention, the air is supplied from my IP40 blower. Using the irrigation tubing as shown in Squiggles DIY thread in the Library.

Just need to punch a hole and add taps as required. This system supplies over 40 air driven filters at present with no loss of pressure.

I have installed extra taps already for future uses by external breeder boxes etc.


Quite pleased with how its progressing. (Hope this hasn't been too wordy!!)

Nitrates around 5 and ammonia down to 0,25 on Thursdays test.

I ran a 35% waterchange today to remove excess. So now the last few days before another test.

I spent last night attaching bolbitis, narrow leaf java and windelov java fern to Cholla wood for each tank.

It's almost shrimp ready...............................

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Looking great dude! 

thanks @buck!! I am pretty chuffed with it!!

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This is awesome man. Grats. Cant wait to see how it goes.

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Still on the to do list:

- black bagrounds and insulating tanks and sump

- lights x 3

- uv steriliser

- decide on breeding projects and add shrimp (the fun part!)


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Thanks for sharing Jamie, truly brilliant.  Oh I so want another rack.


By the way can't we get  Benibachi Bee Max anymore ?

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I used 20mm PVC as a return, and then T-pieces with a 20mm Tap attached.

20mm Hose was used from here.

Very nice. How do you attach the tap to the tee pieces? Is the tap threaded at one end and barbed at the other?

Thanks for sharing!

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Very nice. How do you attach the tap to the tee pieces? Is the tap threaded at one end and barbed at the other?

Thanks for sharing!

I used a threaded T-piece and a threaded tap. Again, easy to disassemble. ?


By the way can't we get  Benibachi Bee Max anymore ?

The supplier is having fun with AQIS over labelling and has been going through the processes for a couple of months now. Unfortunately still no ETA on when it will be available again.

i will definitely place a post when it's on the market again.

So had some more time to play today, got the background on and ran final tests.

so much nicer with black background. I just used the plastic roll.


no nitrites, ammonia and only minimal nitrates after waterchange the other day.

so in go the guinea pigs?!? 



these are are from my pinto and Tibee tanks. Not super fussed on the genetics, just looking forward to blue and red colony to watch. 

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Looks aweaome jamie. Whats the diff betweem those lights and the Z series as i thouht they wers for the plants lol.



Cant wait until i own a house to setup a rack

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  • 3 weeks later...
On 5 October 2015 5:46:44 pm, OzShrimp said:

Looks aweaome jamie. Whats the diff betweem those lights and the Z series as i thouht they wers for the plants lol.



Cant wait until i own a house to setup a rack

Sorry for delay in responding @OzShrimp

the U series run a 2w led as opposed to the 0.5w in the ProZ.

there are less leds in total but spaced further apart to get a better spread of light.

personally I prefer the U series to the Z and the plant and biofilm growth is really impressive.

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Okay, so just realised I have not been good at updating this thread!

All shrimp have now been moved in and allocated their future homes (breeding programs).

I have closed down the CRS jungle and also have now emptied the original rack.

The CRS jungle is going to be fully reset with new benibachi soil and will be planted even heavier than previously. The original rack will now become home to guppy and Endler strains. Love their breeding and genetic potential!

List of occupants of Rack 2.0

1. Tibee F2

2. Tangerine tigers, The Queen and some Fire Red Cherries

3. Pure TB tank. Pandas, Shadows, WR, RR

4. Skunk Pinto line. Yellow Cherries. 

5. Red Rilis. Royal Blue Tiger male. PRL female. Red Bolt female.

6. Green Hulk potential males. SW mischling girls. Spotted pinto mischling girl. Blue Steel potential female. 

7. Spotted Head pinto Line. Blue bodied Orange Rili  

8. Bluebolts & Pandas from pinto lines. Choc cherries

9. CRS city

10. PRL x PBL bubs. PRL male.

as you can see from the mix, getting back into cherry shrimp after a decent break. And also starting some unusual cross breeding experiments.

Massive thanks to @ineke @Eshrimp @Disciple @Gbang for majorly helping in establishing my new colonies!!


So much fun now the tanks are organised and everyone settled in! Now the next lot of fun can begin!!


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Also MASSIVE thanks to @AwwYea (the Queenmaker!!)


we we are so blessed to have some brilliant breeders here is Australia! I am constantly stunned by my new tank inhabitants!! ???

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Great shrimp @newbreed thanks for sharing your pictures. 

I dont think i deserve a memtion here lol I didnt really contribute anything but thanks.

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On 3 November 2015 8:51:41 pm, Disciple said:

Great shrimp @newbreed thanks for sharing your pictures. 

I dont think i deserve a memtion here lol I didnt really contribute anything but thanks.

@Disciple You certainly deserve a mention mate! Thanks and inspiration make things happen. ??


On 4 November 2015 7:51:34 am, NoGi said:

Great pics, can't wait for Newbreed Rack 3.0 :excited:

@NoGi Please don't even joke about it!! Lol! I don't need anymore ideas!

Edited by newbreed
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  • 3 weeks later...

So almost two months in and it's all looking quite lush. Plenty of moss and new plant growth occurring. 

Thankfully first drops from berries girls who were moved in and this week saw the first drops that we berried on the rack.

I am finding it much more fun having the tanks only 40cm deep, instead of 60cm in first rack, as it makes it much easier to view and track all the shrimp and shrimplets.image.thumb.jpg.6f3fbe74aa173e53e6ef5c6aimage.thumb.jpg.5a8d89ebae8c84064087f447image.thumb.jpg.40ec649e4e425983f4203effimage.thumb.jpg.5fbc3a19ffca2a809c21c6bfimage.thumb.jpg.efde7b9812cb813802c96c9eimage.thumb.jpg.229c494e1aa0cd6696840923image.thumb.jpg.13bd2403e95d96b684145a4a





Edited by newbreed
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    • sdlTBfanUK
      You may end up losing this batch entirely but then you can start completely fresh and get the aquarium set up right for the next batch of shrimp! If you do any large water changes then try and add the new water slowly, either dripper or some other way. You should get yourself a TDS meter (as JayC above), they are cheap and readily available. You should always use a GH tester kit as well with shrimps, if you do the 50% water change that should halve the GH so you should get a reading after that, or if you can get a local fish store to test it for you that will give you an idea of the GH. If your water supply is as hard as it appears it may be you will need to mull over how (or even IF) you want to keep shrimps as that may mean using RO or distilled/bottled water and buying a proper shrimp specific remineraliser? That will be quite expensive but you won't then have to mess about adding crushed coral/eggshells etc, but only you can decide whether you want to do/spend that much etc? If you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain, then you can use rain water? Also, as JayC states, you need to know what you are using/adding to the water and aquarium, ie fertilizers, rocks. Unless you have very exotic plants you shouldn't need any fertilizers. Just as a note, we have come across quite a few experienced fish keeprs that have this sort of start off issues with shrimp. Shrimp are more difficult than fish, and the aquarium and water etc need to be ready and within the required parameters before getting the shrimps. Usually people jump in, get the shrimps before everything is ready/sorted. Hopefully though you will keep at it, or if this lot die you will have another go and we can help you get it sorted?
    • jayc
      These are all classic symptoms of shrimp moulting problems.   Again, another high GH symptom. High GH not only causes harder carapace (shell), but it also makes eggs harder. When the egg is harder the male finds it more difficult to fertilise the eggs.   That's a worry if you can't get a good GH reading because that is going to be most likely issue right now for you.   Because snails don't moult.    If you dont already have a TDS meter, I suggest getting one asap. It's another test to narrow down your water parameters, and not have to trust one test by it's own - in this case the GH test kit. I would wager your water parameter is too high in dissolved minerals - likely from the tap water source, fertiliser dosing and/or any rocks/crushed corals you might have in the tank. To remedy this, you need to start doing water changes with RO, distilled or rain water immediately. I would do a 50% water change with RO water asap. Then look for sources that increase GH in the tank and eliminate it - fertilisers, rocks, crush corals, shells.    It's difficult to save a shrimp who's carapace is already too hard, but hopefully any younger shrimps will benefit from the water change and the reduced GH.   Good luck and keep us updated.
    • professionalshrimphugger
      United States. I have tested my tap water; it yields the same results. GH: ??, KH: 3, pH: 7.8. I cannot say for sure if my GH test is faulty or not, the expiration is until 2023. It's more of a twitching, then stasis. I have one shrimp that's having a hard time balancing itself, but it's swimmerets and mouth keep moving in attempt in getting back up. I allowed it to stick to my sponge filter. The tank is cycled. I used established media. Readings would not show 0 otherwise. I do use EI Dosing, half dosage recommended for a 20 gallon. It has been said on other forums that it does not affect shrimp, but I stopped dosing to isolate variables a week ago. No CO2, that's too costly for me, hah. I drip acclimated the shrimp for 2 hours, 1 drop per second. I tested for copper in my tank, nothing. Funnily enough, my mystery snails in my community tank don't seem too affected by it.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Sorry to hear you are having a problem! Where are you based in the world? Can you test your tapwater GH/KH/PH? Best to know what the source water is, dechlorinated (if required) before you have ADDED anything. Are you sure the GH test is working and not old, or already activated/contaminated somehow? The other parameters seem ok! If the GH is as ridiculousy high as you say then I expect the shrimps would have problems molting (they may be twitching to get out of the old shell), though generally twitchy behaviour is usually down to some sort of toxic poisoning or the aquarium not being properly cycled? Are you using any plant fertiser or CO2?  Did you drip acclimate the shrimp over many hours before adding them to the aquarium? They are much more sensitive than fish to changes in water parameters etc. You could end up killing more of them by moving them so I would hold off from that at the moment!  
    • professionalshrimphugger
      Hello all, I am new to the forum, although experienced at fishkeeping, I am relatively new to shrimpkeeping. Let's start with my issue. I had started a colony of 18 juvenile cherry shrimp (Neocaridina davidi) in a 20 gallon long as of last month. I solely use tap water and change 5% per week. They are the only inhabitants alongside a single juvenile Malaysian trumpet snail. Today the numbers have been reduced to 9. The deaths did not start until the shrimp turned into adults, where they have struggled, twitching as if provoked, becoming lethargic, and eventually flipping over to their side and dying. Only the ones on the verge of death exhibit this behavior, whereas the rest simply graze on as usual. I measured my parameters today - my tank has been established for two months as of now and is densely planted. They have never bred despite being of adult size and having visible saddles. Never an issue with molting. Ammonia: 0 ppm, Nitrite: 0 ppm, Nitrate: 0-5 ppm || pH: 7.8, GH: ??, KH: 3 I cannot get a single good read off API's liquid GH test. I have dropped beyond 30+ and gave up as I knew the numbers were already extreme. The thing is, I need a temporary, inexpensive solution to keep my shrimp safe. I believe by the time I order supplies, the colony would already give. I was planning on moving the colony to a 5.5g, barren with my floating plants and mosses, using just distilled water, Seachem Equilibrium (only GH additive I own) and crushed eggshells (potential source of KH). Possibly crushed coral to substitute for the lack of any real mineral additive. I did not believe that high GH would possibly become a problem, and I am fortunate that the strugglers are still alive. If anyone has a solution to this problem, or approve of my plan of action, please let me know. TIA
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