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Stem Plant Suggestions

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I bought two large glass bowls today at the local cheap store, I'd say about almost 20l each, am looking to put a small layer of ADA Amazonia in the bottom of each and plant some stem plants and have them grow and eventually grow out the top of the bowls.

I'm after some nice suggestions of stem plants to consider for these two bowls, some of the stem plants I will also use in making a Wabu Kusa as well.

At the moment I am thinking of the following stem plants:

Limnophila repens 'mini', Alternanthera reineckii 'mini', Hemianthus glomeratus, Ludwigia arcuata x repens, Persicaria sp. Sao Paulo, Rotala colorata, I am also looking at using Hydrocotyle tripartita 'Japan', Hemianthus callitrichoides.

Any opinions on these plants for a planted bowl?

Any other stem plants I could also consider?

Cheers all.

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I think the list you have is pretty good.

I think one red plant with two green would be nice.

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    • TheKeeper
      By TheKeeper
      So I currently have a 6 gallon planted tank that has been set up and running for 3 weeks. Im about to purchase my red cherry shrimp to put in this tank. There is plenty of algae in the tank for them to eat, so food should be fine for the beginning correct? Plus it is heavily planted meaning there is plenty of organic matter to be consumed at all times, so they shouldn't really need to be fed ever? Also i see that drip acclimation is best for getting them used to there new home. If i did this till the tank is half empty for provided them with as close conditions as possible without emptying the tank. Am i good to just refill the tank afterward or from now on when i do water changes do they all need to be dripped in? Also is it true that adding calcium to the tank is beneficial for the shrimp to molt?
      Im a pretty experienced fish keeper, just haven't ever had with shrimp so I dont want to kill all these expensive shrimps due to lack on knowledge. Any more knowledge or advice that can be given to me is high encouraged, even if it seems simple. 
      Some specs of the tank, tanks does have a filter, that has small openings that could suck up baby shrimp. Its a small filter and has algae growth on the openings so it really does reduce the flow a bit, where i dont see it becoming a  huge issue. The tank is co2 injected, but thats pretty nailed down so nuking them with co2 is highly unlikely. The tank has a soil bottom capped with coarse sand. The vast majority of the bottom of the tank is carpeted with plants but they still have a way to go. There is no lid on the top of the tank. The tank does have some natural river stones in it with the brown algae growth on them. And a lot of the plants have the white "bugger" algae growing on them or around them. The tank receives about 10 hours of light a day. I know i put a lot of un-important information here, but maybe a pro will see a problem here and be able to inform me so I can correct it. Thanks for your time and consideration in advance!!!!
      -The Keeper
    • KeenShrimp
      By KeenShrimp
      I took some inspiration from @Disciple 's tank and bought some moss ledges. I do not put any stainless steel in my tanks at all as I am concerned about chromium, nickel and manganese ions seeping out of it in a vat of freefloating ions that we call tanks...I found metal-free 3D-printed plant ledges at www.aquakitz.com.au for $4 each ( Elevate Shrimp brand). They come in a printed resin that does not smell of plastic at all and is stable in water. I am extremely impressed with the large, robust, super-grippy suction cups- I do not think I have ever come across better ones. Will highly recommend to anyone looking for moss ledges. 

    • GotCrabs
      By GotCrabs
      Hi all, looking at making two pieces of Wabi Kusa to sit each side on the main tank and am just running through some plants that can and can't be used, if anyone knows whether these can be used that'd be great, thank you.
      Persicaria sp. Sao Paulo
      Bacopa Caroliniana
      Hydrocotyle tripartita 'Japan'
      Rotala colorata
      Limnophila repens Mini 
      Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini'
      Ludwigia arcuata x repens
      Lysimachia nummularia
    • GotCrabs
      By GotCrabs
      OK, started playing with a Iwagumi scape earlier, not sold on this, kind of happy with it, but not quite sure.
      What ya think?

    • 2OFUS
      By 2OFUS
      looks like HC to me :) 
      This area at work is always somewhat submerged (this is the lowest it's been) 


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    • kms
      Here are the photo's of the tank and my equipment, and shrimps.   My bee, somehow the eggs are gone and a few shrimplets are swimming, but they are not red and white.   Top of my tank, I have cleared away more of the floating plants, they will grow back in a few days.   Two of the three Blue Bolts.   Full view of the tank, but not a pretty site.   My Fluval Bluetooth LED light with dust to dawn function   My UV light at the back of the tank, with water flow from the cooler and back to the tank   My cheap USD40 30L water cooler, enough for a 16L Nano tank like mine, need a larger one if the tank is bigger.   My intense Co2 system.  
    • kms
      I will post photos tmr of my current setup, is not a pretty sight, just moves house, and as said, I recently gave 99% of my shrimps away, but it's ok, just looks something like a exotic jungle.😜
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I think we are more of a 'must have a heater' country than 'must have a chiller'. Last year we had a few risky days where it got to 30 outside, but the tank water didn't get above 26 or 27, so it was close to where I thought I might see some dead bodies. It sounds as though you have gone all out with your setup and I have always thought the madagascar lace plant is very attractive, and maybe you need Co2 with that sort of exotic plant setup, but generally I think shrimp are supposed to do better without it, but if it is all working stick with it. I would love to see some photos, as I am sure others would as well. Simon
    • jayc
      No rush with the chiller,  as we are going into winter.  So shop around for the best price.  With such a small tank,  get the smallest cheapest chiller you can find in the brands range. Hailea chillers are probably the best compromise between price and quality. So you can start looking there. I think the HC100a is the smallest in this range. The cheap eBay phase change chillers will work on your small tank but quality will reflect with the price. Teco chillers are in the high range and will be a bit more expensive but they are good quality.  I have a couple myself. And they have been running every summer for many years now. 
    • kms
      The chiller is only useful if you live in a country that is hot, I think places like the UK should be alright without it. About the Co2, i'm not sure if it will affect neo's or the cardina, but my tank seems ok, I set the Co2 at its lowest because of a small tank, at least the plants are doing well, especially the floating one's  mini water lettuce, duckweed, RRF and frogbits which is beneficial to shrimps, I also have Fissidens fontanus, and madagascar lace plants. Forgot to mention, I also have a UV light.   If you want to see some photo, just let me know.