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Parameter craziness

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So I tested my water today for the first time in ages in preparation for selling some shrimp.  I have been very lazy in the last few months with my testing (apart from EC) as my Taiwan Bees and their hybrid buddies have been breeding non-stop and there are plenty of babies/juvies at all times in the tank, an no noticeable deaths.  So I thought all was well, but now I'm feeling very very uneasy.

My current parameters are:

EC: 352 (slightly high but not disastrous)
Ammonia: 0 (hurray)
GH: 4 (low but ok)
KH: 4 (Um, I prefer 0-2)
Ph: 7.6 (or higher, my test kit only goes up to that.  BAD)
Nitrates: 40 (??@#$#@!!!)

The additives/chemicals I currently use in my tank are:
ADA Brighty K
ADA Green Brighty Step 3
1 x IAL (which was added last week)

I do a 10% water change every week with RO, and also have a CO2 injection system running at about 1 bubble per second (e.g. pretty low).

From checking my historical test data, the Ph and EC started creeping up after I started using the Biozyme and BetaG, I used to have to add stuff to the RO water before adding it to the tank to avoid a massive EC drop but that's no longer the case.  I had been fertilising more regularly recently to try and encourage plant growth to eradicate a BGA outbreak, but I didn't think I'd added anywhere near enough to raise the nitrates that high.   

I know it's possible that my shrimp are acclimatized and thriving in this environment, however I can't help but worry now and would like to get the parameters back down to something a little more suitable for their poor fragile dispositions (e.g. get the EC back to well under 350, the Ph down to 6.6, the nitrates under 20 and the Kh at 0-2).  However, it's also been my mantra with this tank that changes are made very slowly to avoid knee jerk reactions ending in disaster.  

I'm due to do another water change tomorrow and will test again after that, but other suggestions are welcome!




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Hello @Jo

Did you end up testing your WP again? How did it go?

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Um it makes sense to leave it if everything is breeding and shrimp looks fine. You changing the parameters back to "how" they meant to be might not end very well. If you insist on changing i would do it slow

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    • Cesar
      IME, the healthiest and highest quality has always buying directly from hobbyist, usually a small setup in their garage or fish room. Next was specialty store/importer, last is the local TFS, both often having stock that has been imported, transported and kept in less than ideal conditions... Buying directly from hobbyist has always produced the best results for me...
    • Steensj2004
      Did boil a few times, the water wasn’t completely clear when I stopped cleaning it. So they should be getting some tannins. I was able to remove all but one rock, I have one more piece to put in in its plAce today.   Right on. I’m originally from Ohio, and I’ve been scoping out Flip’s videos and website for a few weeks now. Looks like I’ll be ordering from either Flip or AquaHuna after I get this tank works out completely.   TDS is already down slightly after removing the rock and doing a small water change. I also took the opportunity to remove some plants I wasn’t a fan of and replace them. Indian Almond Leaves came in today too, but my BacterAE is delayed. Thanks Amazon.🙄🙄
    • Goshio22
      Its about 1 cm its definitely of breeding age.. i would be happy if its male, but my eyes is untrained when it comes to fully colored males.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I would think that is a male IF it is old enough to be able to tell but I think it is maybe too young to tell? This video should give you some handy tips for seeing the differences! https://skfaquatics.com/forum/forums/topic/14104-telling-male-from-female-shrimp/ Simon
    • Goshio22
      Im having a hard time trying to figure the gender of my shrimp.. so i know that virgin females is usually more skinnier than your usual large females..  My shrimp are mostly average grade fire reds, most of the males seems pale in coloration. Can anybody help me?