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The Flinders Ranges, South Australia

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Was just curious, does anyone know if there are shrimp found in creeks in The Flinders Ranges? I've had a quick look online but only found info on bugs and what not, any idea people?

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    • Crabby
      By Crabby
      Hey everyone,
      I was recently (meaning today) given the opportunity to set up a breeding tank for some native inverts (or some harder to breed fish I guess, but I want to go for shrimp) in a fishroom I help out in. I've been trying to decide what native shrimp I want to try breeding, but then I remembered that it's not as simple as exotics. Can I get some input from the 'experts' (@Grubs, @NoGi, @Baccus, @fishmosy, @jayc of course, I know most of you aren't very active anymore, but I would appreciate your help if you see this message) on what native invert you guys think is easiest to breed (for a semi-noob who hasn't kept natives before). I can set it up as brackish I think, we have an archer fish tank there and are setting up a saltwater as well so should have access to those tools and materials.  
    • Crabby
      By Crabby
      Hey guys, just found an add for this website showcasing a cool-lookin native algae eating shrimp.
      Anyone heard of these before or own any? My interest was peaked by the claim that they eat hair-type algae, as I have some on my crypts and lace fern that I cannot remove. And for a price of $4 ea, and super easy parameters, they sound pretty doable! 
      Tell me more oh great SKFians! 😁
      (or feel free to point me towards an already existing page)
      post-note: have you/do you keep these grubs? Seems like your sort of thing.
    • Heidi
      By Heidi
      Hello! I'm new here and not sure if this is the way to ask questions or not so please let me know if I'm meant to do it some other way.
      I recently received 3 nerite snails last Wednesday and two were DOA (dead on arrival). Actually, there wasnt even anything inside the two shells!! One however, was alive but in bad shape as its shell was not in good condition so I am going to provide it with calcium powder soon. I've read that they take a little time to adjust to new environments but the little guy hasnt moved since he arrived. I gently tugged on his trapdoor and he resisted so I assume he is alive as he also doesn't smell rotten. I've tried putting kale or algae wafers under him but nothing ): Does fluval stratum substrate have copper in it because I've heard that they are sensitive to copper and that is the substrate I am using which I didnt even think about! 
      I was also wondering if there were any Aussie sellers here that have any of the black nerite snail variety? I heard that they are legal here but please correct me if I am wrong.
      So sorry for the long post.. any response would be greatly appreciated! ?
    • bluennf
      By bluennf
      i want to mail some live shrimps such as blue dreams from other country,
      but i found some website said even having shrimps arent legal in australia,

      becasue australia not allowed crustaceans, because they thought it was bugs or something...

      below there is a link from news about illegal import shrimps to australia in 2011:
      is this true?
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