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Shrimp Tank Photo Thread


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@shrimpaholich, ok, I gotta ask.


wazzup with that Oreo bucket?

What are you using it for?

it houses bioballs, im using it as a miniature canister filter i suppose. it is a DIY filter powered by an air pump.

It's his version of 'Shrimp Crack', haha.

and nooo :p here in the ghetto.... in the gheeeeto we do what we must with what we have to make thing work.

shrimp crack house you mean lol 

no no, im done with crack and crack houses :p thats why i own shrimp now. i've found something MORE addicting lol

Still got some growing to do on the right but getting there


:o that carpet is beautiful. is that baby tears?

my shrimp  tank 2ba09fc8c9459b81.jpg


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I used to have one of those tanks then the glass broke! i wish lol.



Some minor changes been made to my tank. 3 of my dual sponge filters went in the bin due to BBA. Replaced with 1 new dual and 1 single. New Air hosing courtesy of The Tech Den. Bubble bar running behind my plants giving bubble curtain.


Forgive the moisture on the tank, its been so humid here today my tank keeps fogging up with condensation.


sigh lookng back at the days i had no algae :(

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my first ever uploaded pic of my shrimp tank

and first post!


my 36L

Man I miss this tank ;)

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Loving the pics of everyone's tanks! The temptation to setup another tank is real. But i think I've spent enough on these two tanks for now.

I have attached a pic of my 26l planted tank with cherrys and ember tetra, and a pic of my 32l CRS tank. These are my first 2 real tans. They haven't been setup for very long.




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    • ineke
      Thanks Simon I don’t think I will have any issues giving them away I just thought I would offer them here first. I’m a member of quite a few Facebook pages - there is a SA one as well- I can offer them on those pages too . Biggest problem is the people who come and get them and then sell off again. I really want to be able to stress they are culls from culls . If I can’t find homes for them I might just buy another bath and put them outside LOL  I’m quite surprised my Tangerine hybrids breed outside too. We get very cold winters and extremely hot summers here. I guess the large surface area allows the water to cool down. 
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Those are lovelly pretty shrimp, you are very lucky to be able to keep some outside! It was interesting that you do the same regime of RO water + gh+ outside in the pond. You can try posting in the 'for sale' section of this site, https://skfaquatics.com/forum/forums/forum/148-selling-forum-livestock/ and/or try gumtree (below link) may be worth a try, https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-pet-products/cherry+shrimp/k0c18438?view=gallery I haven't used it myself, but they don't do post so is only for pick up I believe? I think it is free as well so worth a try???  Simon 
    • sdlTBfanUK
      You are of course right that the tank should bed started afresh and if none of this batch survive I won't try any more until I can do a fresh start! I do have the substrate ready to do this but now isn't the time to do it, though I wonder whether it ever will be......... I am pleased to hear you are getting babies, even if they are lower grade, you are heading in the right direction. Blue bolts are  probably my favourites of the taiwan bees. Simon
    • jayc
      What a lovely bunch. And good on ya for having a generous heart.
    • beanbag
      Hello again,  Just stopped by to wish you good luck, but if not, may as well break down the tank and start over completely. I hope someday I can have a mixed tank as nice as yours.  So far, most of my shrimp babies have been low grade blue bolts.
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