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    • sdlTBfanUK
      Those are really great photos! I especially like the established tank (last  photo) and the beautiful shrimps. I'm sure the new tank will look just as fabulous once everything grows in! It is so easy to get carried away in this hobby, how many of us have said 'just one more tank'???? I like the idea of a separate REDs tank! I just got 17 mixed red Taiwan bee shrimps this morning, acclimating those while writing this? Simon  
    • ShrimpDesigns
      Following the creation of Taiwan Bee Shrimp Tank Journal #1 (http://www.aquariumlife.com.au/showthread.php/68743-Taiwan-Bee-Shrimp-Tank-Journal), I have decided to set up another tank dedicated to Taiwan Bees. This has however ended my journey in breeding CPD's (http://www.aquariumlife.com.au/showthread.php/66596-Planted-CPD-Breding-Setup?highlight=) Equipment - PetWorx 40l tank as used in the CPD journal - Up Aqua Pro U LED Light 45cm - ADA Amazonia - Co2, yes at the moment but will significantly reduce to a very slow 24/7 bubble count once shrimp are in - Fluval C2 HOB Filter Plants - Staurogyne Repens - Buce - Dwarf Hairgrass - Mini Christmas Moss - Micro or Mini Java Fern which i might remove to make the tank look a little more minimal Shrimp - Will likely grab some culls from my other tank to see how they go with the very low co2 injection - If these go alright will attempt to line breed some really nice shadow pandas or get into wine reds Planting Stage l Approx 1 Week After Planting Potential Inhabitants All from this tank!
    • sdlTBfanUK
      OK, I'll get the shrimps in today and then at the weekend I will take a few pictures! Simon
    • Grubs
      Pic of the tank?
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I added some blue bolt shrimps about 2-3 weeks ago and they seem to be doing well! The stringy algae seems to have cleared, the tank is still a bit drab but I think it is going greener as well. Yesterday I ordered the red shrimps and am just awaiting them to be delivered later today: All going well (fingers crossed) that should be it all done now! I don't see many of the first couple of batches in the tank but I am not convinced the tank was really ready enough which would be my misjudgement, I used a different substrate, and I bought the shrimps from a shop, but I am not sure what the reason was so not prepared to 'blame' anyone else! I MAY consider getting some more from the shop but I have enough really but would like a few red wine (normal grade) or black bee mixed grades so we will see on that? These shrimp (and the blue bolts previously) came/are coming from Shrimp Corner in the UK (they sent me these pictures) which seem to be an enthusiast/business so they come directly from them (breeder) and the previous delivery was well packaged (too bloody well resulting in many swears at the time) and lovely colours and patterns. They seem to be specialising in the higher grades and especially galaxy etc. 2 days ago they won at the European shrimp cup for their red steel so they are definitely enthusiasts and I have received top quality service thus far - probably tempting fate to say this whilst awaiting a delivery, d'oh!  Anyway, big day for me today, woohoo! Simon
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