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  2. Aquathumb

    Sötching Oxydator Mini Reveiw.

    Any Update on the effectiveness of this on shrimp and breeding?
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  4. CurleyJones321

    New Shrimp Keeper

    Id put in maybe a liter or 2 of water (1cm of water in the tank) and put in a couple handfuls of substrate at the base just to help, the other substrate to them cover it which will have the main contact with your water allowing for the buffering effects (and the colour difference if there is one wont be noticed). I currently have a small pipe heater in the current tank that i can use for the new one, that technically makes my new project cheaper because i now don't need 2. can i get dimensions of this thank fully assembled including the top cover just so i can determine if i need to adapt my shelving. i don't mind poking out a corner of the tank from the shelf so i can do water changes and i can lift the tank onto another surface for heavy maintenance if necessary. Im really just interested if there is space for feeding without moving the tank.
  5. Aquathumb

    What are your top 5 shrimp?

    Neocaridina. If I had to choose 5 I'd go - Yellow, Blue, Bloody Mary, Green Jade and Black Rose. If other species, OEBTS Bluebolts Blue Jellies (if they were available in Aus)
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  7. sdlTBfanUK

    CRS Tank Log

    Thanks for sharing and it is good to hear that it is going well. I had the same issue with the PH being 7-7.5 but mine didn't seem to mind either so I left it. It does seem that if the PH increases slow enough they can adapt quite well. I see you have babies so those will be used to the higher PH. I hate those ridiculous tests where they have 3 shades of the same colour indicating different Ph as it makes it almost impossible to tell as it depends on the light when you do the test. You may find that you don't get an 'explosion' of crystal babies if you are using tap water, but that is my experience with tap water but maybe your tap water is better in Australia. Cherry shrimp are usually fine in tap water, even in our water here. The cherry type are much hardier and as long as the parameters aren't too off will live happily enough with Bee shrimps, as you say neither dominates the other type. Tap water is always a bit risky as the water companies can change the parameters without you knowing and if the have to do repairs to pipes/equipment etc there can be all sorts of things different in the water so just bear that in mind, especially if you have deaths - that maybe what happened before, though as you say CO2 and ferts aren't good with shrimp as well! I think the thing to do with foods is use a variety which is what you are doing already, and after all is said in done you still feed the same amount so it means each will last longer so it isn't even money saving to just use 1 type. As they say though, IF IS NOT BROKEN DON'T TRY AND FIX IT, so if it is fine and it looks like it is just carry on. IF you don't have success with babies, and you don't really want too many anyway just bear in mind they do better in RO remineralised water. This youtube video is very good and interesting and covers most shrimp stuff so it is worth watching even if you aren't having a problem: https://skfaquatics.com/forum/forums/topic/14161-basics-for-shrimp-keeping-video/ Thanks for sharing and the photos. Simon
  8. sdlTBfanUK

    Disaster has struck

    Thanks guys for the advice and support, it is much appreciated. Yesterday, luckily a friend was round so we got to empty the tank, very sad to see so many dead shrimps, so all the plants etc are in a bucket with the old water. I fished out 10-20 shrimps that seemed ok (not got the courage to look yet today) and in the process of getting those into the old 15L temporary home for probably a week. I ordered the substrate 'shrimp king' and that was sent yesterday and should arrive today, and a thermostat to stick on the outside. I will look at what you recommend JayC at some later stage when it is all back UP and RUNNING again, and I can relax a bit! You are right JayC, although it is a disaster, it is good to KNOW what caused it and as you say heaters break, though before when they have broken to where they didn't work, which just meant the occupants just got a bit cold and caused no problems, but it is a valuable lesson learnt. I will get thermometers for the other tanks as well, but only ordered one at this stage to see if I like it and it works etc. I have ordered 2 x 4L shrimp king soil as they say that needs no preparation and very quickly the shrimp can then go back. I was planning to put double the amount I used previously (so thats 6L, though that was a different substrate) so it will be about 1.5 inches. Any advice on that would be appreciated? And as you say JayC I will pretty much use the plants etc from before. I appreciate the advice and thoughts a lot, thank you both! edit - Total wipeout as the ones I fished out still died! It does mean I don't need to hurry to set everything up at least and I will need to go shrimp shopping sometime in the summer. Simon
  9. If you want to avoid heaters being stuck on and overheating the tank or failing and not heating, then you need a Temperature Controller Thermostat. ITC-308 Digital Temperature Controller thermostat I have one of these, clearly the plug type is for AU since I'm in Australia. I use one of these for single tanks or in sumps. The thermostat is placed in the tank to keep track of your tank's temps. The controller controls power to the "Heating" or "Cooling" power plugs. You are no longer reliant on buggy heater thermostats. With this unit, you can use the cheapest heater and feel safe in the knowledge that it will never cook your fish or shrimps. Your heater is plugged into the socket labelled "heater". Preset the controller to turn on heating when temps are below, say 20deg C and turn off at, say 24 degC. You can plug a chiller or a fan into the socket labelled "Cooling" as well. I bought this off ebay from Inkbird https://www.ebay.com.au/usr/inkbirdau?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 They even have a wifi version now for control over your smartphone. A quick search on ebay for the keywords " ITC-308 WIFI Temp Controller Thermostat" brings up the same controller in various different plug types that will fit what you use in your own country. It costs roughly as much as a medium quality heater here in Aus. BUT it's cheap insurance knowing that I will never cook my fish or shrimps. To offset the cost of this controller, I can now buy the cheapest heaters off ebay and still be confident that I won't overcook the tank's inhabitants. Other uses: More over you can use it to control fish room temps as well, it's not limited to measuring water in tanks. Turn on/off AC or fans or room heaters. People use it for home brewing. There are so many practical uses. Note: there is a very similar temp controller called the STC-1000, but this unit requires you to add your own cabling. Whereas the Inkbird is a lot more convenient. Hopefully this helps someone and their pets.
  10. TotalNewb

    Shrimp dying every day for weeks

    @beanbag I will do - thank you! Fingers crossed
  11. jayc

    Help with dying shrimp

    No problem. Love helping others if I can. Report back in a week or so. You should test TDS every day around the same time, to keep a track of any changes.
  12. My guess is a fungus, so remove it as much as possible and do water change (slowly). The common causes of fungus are overfeeding (left over food), something that is decaying (plants or animals), or something emitting sugars, like driftwood.
  13. Earlier
  14. Just taken these photo this morning of all the shrimps I have, except the Blue Bolt. The mother shrimp has brown/grey egg.
  15. Hi all. I'm new to the group. I'm desperately hoping someone can help me? I am trying to acquire 200 or so post larvae Giant Freshwater Prawns. If I lived in the states, it would appear I could order them online from one of many online aquatic retailers and have them delivered to my door. However I live in Canada and cannot seem to find anyone, either inside Canada or outside the country that can help. Is there anyone in here who could point me in the right direction? Regards Ben
  16. Zooplankton, phytoplankton, brine shrimp and brine shrimp nauplii. Don't know about whether marine shrimps are self sustaining in a tank, as I have never kept any.
  17. kms


    UP Dripper, small size.
  18. shrimparecool

    14 litres/ 3.7 gallon tank?

    Thank you very much! This was very helpful!! Sent from my moto e5 using Shrimp Keepers Forum mobile app
  19. sdlTBfanUK

    TAP WATER-Taiwan Bee-UK-(zerowater)

    I have always filtered the water through the jug and then it goes into another container like a bucket (where it may sit for a few days) to be carried so I haven't had water sitting in it. I am not aware whether leaving water in the jug will reduce the life of the filter or not?? I only got the small jug so it only does 1L at a time anyway! Simon
  20. You will get more blacks and the occasional red. Each fertilised egg will roughly have a 75% chance of being a Black KK.
  21. nicpapa

    My tanks

  22. I like BB, king kong, shadow panda and red wine.
  23. beanbag

    Crystal reds/black bee not breeding

    Can I ask again, what are the water parameters of: a) tank where shrimp breed b) tank where shrimp don't breed c) freshly remineralized RO water
  24. sdlTBfanUK

    shrimp disease books

    Power back on here, hopefully for good! Logic dictates that if everything is the same as ALL the other tanks and they are breeding ok in those, it must be the only variable which would be the larger volume/capacity of the tank. If you have a spare small tank available then it would be worth trying that? At least then you will know for definite? I did find this video and some of the 'comments' may be relevant/interesting? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3s-aFNzwg3U Maybe the larger tank needs to over-winter and it may help to try turning down the temperature slowly and see if that makes any difference to their behaviour. It must be a bit like plants in SoCal where my brother lived, roses don't work as they never get the winter break they need, and bulbs have to be dug up and put in the fridge to mimic winter? My tank temperature is 23, so same as yours and they have started breeding about a month ago after their winter break? Maybe a bigger tank takes longer to adjust do this! Simon
  25. richiep

    Shrimp Diseases and Diagnosis

    That's interesting please keep us informed as to outcome
  26. Kingo

    Bloody mary breeding colony

    Hi all, I am a constant lurker of old threads here it seems. Has anyone had success with crossing BM’s w/black with the goal of stabilising a darker line?
  27. sdlTBfanUK

    Question rgarding my shrimplets

    You are probably right about the white one, it may be the head and it is too young to tell. They grow quickly when young so a few weeks to a month will make all the difference. As you say it may end up being a swan, very apt if it is all white when it grows up! I have seen multiple sources say they grow about 50% with each moult when very young, and I think this is probably about right, and they probably also moult more frequently as well, as they out grow the shell they are in so quickly? The mother looks like a crystal red so they may end up being crystal red babies, but as you aren't sure of the father I guess, again, time will tell? Simon
  28. Myola

    Salifert Nitrate Test results

    That's exactly what I intend to do, so much fun watching them zip around the tank!
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