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  1. One of the major concerns of smartphone and tablet users is storage. There is a simply a huge amount of content that people put on their mobile devices. The usual culprits that take up space are pictures, videos, music files, and reading materials. Fortunately, the Lexar® JumpDrive® C20m micro-USB flash drive is the ideal solution […]

    The post Lexar® JumpDrive® C20m Reviewed appeared first on GeekLingo.

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  2. An aquarium is a miniaturized fresh water or salt water ecosystem, complete with aquatic animals and water-dwelling plants. Typical aquaria have at least one transparent side for display. The most common marine animals kept in aquariums include fish, amphibians, crustaceans and small water-dwelling reptiles such as turtles.

    Aquariums come in different sizes, from small bowls to large public fish tanks, and are often made of glass. Aquaria have come a long way since the creation of the aquarium principle in 1850 by chemist Robert Warrington. Aquarists are now investing in artificial aquarium decor, in a bid to add color and glamor to these fish tanks. 

    The most commonly purchased accessories are aquarium gravel, artificial aquatic plants and corals, and other forms of aquatic ornaments. Some of the benefits that come with aquarium accessories include:


    1. They offer long-lasting beauty

    Aquarium decorations such as artificial plants and corals improve the appearance of your aquarium as they are usually very colorful. They are not affected by water type and can, therefore, be used in both freshwater and brackish water aquariums. Since they are artificial, they won’t die and the fish can not eat them. This makes them very durable. They require only a slight effort tolook after and do not ever lose their physical appeal.

    2. They are a hundred percent safe to use

    The most appealing quality that artificial aquarium accessories possess is their inability to react with any component of your aquarium. They have no effects on the chemical composition of the aquarium. They are free of harmful pest and parasites, such as snails and do not undergo biological changes like decomposition. They, therefore, cause no harm to any of your aquarium’s inhabitants. It is however recommended to take them out every month and clean them using a special cleaning agent made specifically for aquarium accessories. This is in order to remove traces of organic and mineral deposits that may have collected on their surface.

    3. They are cost effective

    Aquarists need only incur initial costs, as there are no maintenance costs that come with aquarium accessories. Artificial plants and corals do not require special lighting and are not affected by aggressive aquarium conditions. Their durability is another factor that makes an ideal investment.

    4. They offer immediate result

    Artificial aquarium accessories enhance the appearance of any aquarium within a matter of minutes. One need only purchase them (they are readily available in most supermarkets), cleanse them, and place them in appropriate locations within the aquarium. You’ll have yourself a lush aquarium within minutes of doing this.

    5. They are fun and flexible

    Just like with any other form of décor, one’s choice of aquarium accessories is only limited by their imagination. There are many interesting varieties of artificial aquarium accessories. Artificial corals, especially, come in incredibly attractive colors. Whichever look you prefer to give your aquarium is entirely up to you. You may decide to go with a fun SpongeBob’ look for one season and switch it up to something more subtle the next season. Another added advantage of aquarium accessories is their ability to conceal unappealing parts of the aquarium. Water filters, for instance, can be cleverly hidden by aquarium ornaments.  You might be interested in aquarium plants & driftwood for aquarium.

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  3. Well, it has bin a while now. Things were not so good. A lot of dead shrimp, no shrimplets, a lot of trouble. I was on the point of quitting when things began to get a little better again. Never could quite find the 'why' of all this trouble, but I'm very glad that I'm out of the woods so far. A few tanks are covered with young shrimp, that's what I like to see.

    Soon I should start taking nice macro pictures again, when the shrimp will thrive like before. Also I got myself a small SCR group. They had some trouble in the beginning, but are stable now. Looking forward to the first breeding results. They are from Monique Klaver, a serious breeder from The Netherlands. I took my camera with me and took a few shots of some of her shrimps. You can find the pictures below.






    All shrimp above are from Monique Klaver. Many years of breeding, crossbreeding and selecting to get to these results.

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  4. ShrimpFan
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    Hello Folks!

    I hope everyone had a great Holidays and a Happy New Years. With 2016 over and done, I wanted to start 2017 by sharing some of the new stuff I've been working on.

    I hope you guys enjoy.








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  5. It has taken me a while to decide what I wanted to write about next, recently I've suffered a lot of unexplained losses, it has been devastating after spending so much time and money getting hold of the shrimp that I had and now I'm back to square one. On the bright side I have lots of babies in the tank, many of which look like tangtai crosses. I have decided to move all the remaining shrimp into a fresh tank downstairs in the kitchen where they can be seen more and after talking to a few people I thought I would try to do the tank as simply as possible and on a bit of a budget, getting as many things as possible from local aquatic shops. It's a bit of a challenge since most aquatic shops around here don't stock products made especially for shrimp so I've done some research on different options for people that don't want to order over the internet. Since ive only really got cherry shrimp and tangtais left and also because this will be a no thrills tank I'm only going to be stocking cherry's, tiger's and crosses. So here is where I am at so far.
     The tank is in place and an inert substrate has been added.

     I've used a substrate by Aqua-Substrate, it was about £4.50 from Maidenhead Aquatics.

     Since I'm trying to buy everything locally I also picked this up from Maidenhead Aquatics, some JBL Aquadur minerals, it was £14.99 but it's quite a big pot.

     Then finally I added some of my mironekuton dead sea minerals in between the substrate, this is not essential but I had them already and I've always added some when I've started a new tank.

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  6. My first iwagumi

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    Been ages since i last posted, apologies. Its about 2 months now since initial planting. First pic is after 1 month. Second pic is after 2 months. Its hard to notice the growth day to day, but seeing the comparison its really satisfying :) A lot of the HM and a little of the HC died off during the first few days when it was trying to adjust to the emersed setting, but its slowly coming back now and the lillaeopsis is going nuts! Thinking of flooding it soon but i just need to find a suitable/quality co2 system.



  7. McMerwe Farms

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