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Caridina Zebra, best breeding conditions.

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Haha Will do mate, it's actually REALLY easy 🙂 which surprised me, Anyone should be able to make one.

Im just working out some kinks now then I'll post a how to when I'm done. It's not going to end up as pretty as the twin star but works good.

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It deserves its own thread 😀


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WOohoo, I'm honoured @NoGi

i thought I'd just posted it in the wrong spot haha that's cool.

Now im a premium member I'll get around to the step by step photos of this, so it's broken down for everyone to see 🙂

I'm gonna talk to a mate about getting something 3D printed I can just slot the skewers and mesh into, 

3D print a box for a controller and the whole thing would look pretty pro. 

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On 2 January 2017 at 9:20 AM, Zebra said:

Feed them a tiny tiny tiny smidgen of baby powder by boss aquaria about 3 days to a week ago.

could be coincidence but since then I haven't been able to spot any babies.

im gonna call it, this litter is all dead.

lost a few adults in the heat wave too, back to the drawing board,

sucks sooooooo bad.

sad face

i knew I shouldn't have messed with it but I just couldn't help myself grrrrr. I still don't see how that small amount of food could have wiped them out. It was like a few grains of sand worth. I'm very careful not to over feed.

the only thing they actually seem to like eating is fresh or frozen blood worm and other fallen zebras.

if there is a dead one in the tank their will be others feeding off it inevitably, 

Note: seems they are total carnivores apart from them obviously eating algae lol, but from my understanding most algae is super rich in protein so still supports that theory. 

Sad to hear that mate. My juvies do pretty well on the Boss baby powder so I'm not sure whats going on there. Do you have plenty of biofilm in your tank? The rush to eat bloodworm and dead tank mates indicates to me that there isnt a lot of other food around. 

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There's lots of healthy algae growth on the walls. 

Yeah im pretty sure something else is going on other ten what I feed them. 

Not sure, but I don't think I will be able to afford to do zebs again for awhile if I lose them this time after trying hard to do things right. 

They might just be too sensetive for my current capabilities or some factors I cant figure out lol 

looking in their tank yesterday and today I can only see like 2, last time I counted there was like 20-30

Theres no dead bodies or anything so idk, one bubble filter was off for awhile maybe they are hiding in there.

ill post pics of the tank tomorrow 

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I'm always keen to better my underderstanding and learn new things @fishmosy if you don't mind explaining a bit more about biofilm please? I'll just post a pic and can you tell me if it looks good,

There seems to be a decent amount of Copepods ( I think they are called) getting around. 

They still hang out under the sponge filter most of the time, do you think there's too much light or something? Or do they just like it there, I haven't put any caves or rocks in this time cause I want to keep it easy to spot any dead.

cheers mate

Looking around this morning I could spot 7 or more so they must have been just hiding lol



Spotted atleast 10 now so they are just hiding lol.

Do they go pink like this just after moulting or something?

i have so much to learn about shrimp 


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@Zebra There is an excellent thread on biofilm here: 


@Zebra Looks like you have a decent amount of biofilm so far. It should become thicker over time. 

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Cheers mate great read on biofilm.

I more meant they flock to blood worm compared to any other food I put in the tank, like snow or shrimp crack etc.

Making my own proper salty shrimp minerals this week, adapted from a reef keepers recipe, is it just me or does putting damprid in your tank sound like an awful idea? Haha 

I get that it's just clean calcium but seems really nasty and chemical haha like I'm pretty sure your really not supposed to eat the stuff lol


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Its all about the amount that you add. We need oxygen to live but too much will kill you. 

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    • Brentwillmers
      Hi  has anyone found a trusted method of using fertilizers in planted tanks that require heavy dosing without raising TDS to extream levels. I am finding single doses of micro's or macro's could tip TDS value into the mid to high 300's.  Before I got shrimp I had a religious dosing routine which followed the Tom Barr method of heavy dosing of macros and micros for every day for 6 days and major water change on day 7 to reset your parameters.  The seachem Aquavitro range I found to be the best and have had great success in growing great looking plants, but has its fall backs like raising TDS to high levels.  I am keen to know how others have found the perfect line of ferts Vs TDS      
    • jc12
      I would also highly recommend getting a GH/KH test kit so you can determine if GH/KH was an issue.
    • revolutionhope

      So sorry to hear :-(

      Your temp and tds is ok. Its better to keep the temp at 22-24 if possible though. However short periods upwards of 25 may be ok depending on the genetics of the shrimp and how fragile the line is.

      However a pH much above 7 will slowly kill off softwater caridina shrimps I'm afraid. If nothing else then that would explain the losses.

    • Foxpuppet

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    • daimen
      Hi all, I have my CRS dead. Have had them for about 3 or 4 months. Filter was cycled in another tank and added when shrimp arrived. They are in a 20L tank with params 7.5 PH temp 23-25 TDS 143. I dont have KH and GH tests. I use rain water and i add micronection powder to water changes. Any help with finding out what happened Thanks Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk